Challenge Osborne – Record Breaking!

Last week we launched Challenge Osborne! Thank you to all the pupils and staff who took part for their efforts – Read about last weeks efforts HERE!

It’s Record Breaking week! We have four more challenges for you. Complete the challenge and email your outcomes to to win a certificate! All entries will be posted on our website/facebook page.

Challenge 1 – Find out about Guinness World Records! 
There are some absolutely amazing, fascinating  and crazy World Records: the oldest person, the tallest person, the biggest pizza and the fastest animal to name but a few. Research them, pick your favourite and tell us all about it. You could  write a short report, make a power point presentation  or film a news bulletin to share what you have found.


Challenge 2 – Set your own ‘Osborne Record’  

Do you have a record breaking talent or maybe a record breaking collection? Send us a film or photo of your Osborne Record attempt.
You could: Build the tallest tower of toilet rolls in 30 seconds,Thread the longest necklace of beads, Build the tallest tower of 5p coins,

Do you have the biggest collection of unicorns, cars  or any other item?
Show off your skills and send in your attempts. Will anyone dare to challenge you to see if they can break your record?


Challenge 3 – Visit the website

In the activities section, you can have a go at making the ultimate World Record breaking animal.   Give it a try and send us a screenshot of your amazing animal.  Don’t forget to name them- what will your animal be called?

Challenge 4 – Set your own Osborne Sports Record – we missed sports day this year, why not set your own?

You could attempt….
The fasted 50m run.The longest jump.The most basket ball goals in 1minThe fastest wheelchair  100m The most wheelchair spins in 1min The most balloon ‘keepy ups’ The longest tennis ball throwThe  longest  time spent hulahoopingThe most push ups in one min… 
Set yourself any challenge – it maybe part of your physio programme, your favourite sporting hobby or something new that you have been wanting to try. 


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