Gazapi Sports – Free Rugby Balls

Osborne School would like to thank David Robinson and his brand new British startup company, ‘Gazapi Sport‘, for their recent donation to the school of their new and innovative Gazapi Spiral Training Rugby Balls. 

Deputy Head Teacher, Marc Bernard, got in contact with Gazapi through Social Media, after they ran a recent competition to win one of their training balls. David set Marc the challenge to get former rugby professionals Will Carling, Brian Moore and/or Brian O’Driscoll to retweet a tweet on Twitter. If successful, he would kindly send the school some samples. All 3 ex-professionals retweeted the tweet and on top of this, someone who wanted to remain anonymous, also offered to purchase 2 balls for the school. We now have 5 Gazapi Rugby Taining Balls to make use of within our rugby sessions in school.

Gazapi was set up in 2019 by David Robinson, Director of Sport at The Beacon School in Amersham. After 17 years of teaching sport to children and constantly developing new ideas and ways to improve children’s skill set, David came up with the Gazapi Rugby Ball. A fun and addictive ball that gives immediate feedback and reward. With a unique spiral design at each tip, children and adults alike will be able to see with every pass if they can send the ball accurately with a perfect spiral rotation. 

David found that there were was no other rugby ball that would give the children this sense of accomplishment or kinaesthetic feedback. It is also a completely visual aid and sensory feedback is instant.

David, with his designer, thought of every little detail when designing the Gazapi Rugby Ball, even down to the direction of the spirals. With two distinct colours at either end, the red lines are for passing off the right hand and dark green lines are for passing off the left. The Gazapi Rugby Ball is hand stitched using the finest materials ensuring that the grip will be highly effective in even the worst weather.

The Gazapi Rugby Ball was designed with perfection in mind; the more you practice the pass the better it becomes.

You can find more details about the training balls and what Gazapi has to offer on their website:
They can also be found on Twitter (@gazapisport1) and Facebook (@gazapisport)

Thanks once again to David – Osborne School would like to wish him every success with his new business venture.

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