A message from the Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers 

A very warm welcome to the start of the new academic year.  I would like to welcome all our new parents to the school and update you all on how the start of this year has gone this first week.  

Pupils arrived full of the joys of Spring on Monday morning and it was so lovely to see them.  Some were very anxious due to the extended period of time out of school but the majority were extremely excited, literally running and skipping into school.  Below are some of the pupils from OsKings during a citizenship lesson.

As communicated to you in July, the organisation of the school has had to change quite significantly in order to facilitate the Health and Safety measures we have had to put in place due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  This has meant that pupils are in their classrooms with the same teacher most of the day.  I am pleased to say that this has proved to be successful so far (although early days); pupils have settled quickly into the class routines and the consistency of staff is allowing them to get to know the pupils quickly and to implement all the necessary processes to support the learning environment.  

Transport was difficult at the start of the week but this has now settled into a routine.  It really is crucial that everyone tries to stick to their allocated times to ensure that we have a steady stream of pupils coming in and out of school whilst allowing for social distancing.  Please be reassured that pupils are still learning whilst they are waiting for transport and coming into school in the morning.  I would also like to thank you so much for your patience and understanding whilst we got this new system underway. 

Each day we continue to receive updated information about what we are, and are not, allowed to do so I will ensure that I regularly communicate with you as and when there are any changes.  I have attached to this letter a Parent Guide to Covid-19 to support you in making the decision as to whether or not to send your child into school if they are poorly. Please be reassured that if your child needs to remain at home because they are self-isolating for any reason their class teacher will be in touch with you in the first few days to write a Home Learning Plan with you.  

Once again thank you for your continued support and co-operation in these very strange times.  As always, if you have any queries please communicate these via your young person’s school diary, by email, or telephone. 

Yours sincerely  

Sonia White   


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