Osborne Learning – October 2020

The Autumn Term continues! Let’s see what some of the pupils got up to in October…

10GJ working hard in Mathematics & RE.

In Science Class HHLT have explored changes and they really enjoyed all bubble related activities! In HDIW they have looked at things that fly and created their own kites and wind socks. The class got really involved, showing lots of creative skills.

Class LWa have been very busy this half term.  We have been learning to weave in LGC, using a range of different materials on small and very large projects!

In Food tech we have been finding out about different Food Groups and in English we have been reading, writing and following instructions, This was a great excuse to use instructions to make some delicious Fruit Kebabs.  Yum!

OsKings pupils have been working hard in all their subjects.

The Osborne School Spooktacular was a real treat for the young people and the viewers.

As part of the next steps prog 11JW went for a visit over to Osborne College garden so they could see the building that many of them will be attending next year.

Attached are the shots of students from 11JW showing their happy confident image from their Citizenship lesson.

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