Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day had a very different feel to it this year and I do hope that you were all able to see some of the remembrance commemorations on the television this weekend. As the head teacher and a former member of the Armed forces, it is very much a time of year that I hold with great regard. I know that Osborne school also hold this in great regard and it is very much embedded into the Ethos and school Values. Every year we mark the occasion with a 2 minute silence in school and remembrance activities to learn about the sacrifices made. This year will be no different and on Wednesday pupils will take part in various activities.  

Every year I am invited to Winchester cathedral to lay a wreath on behalf of Osborne school staff and pupils, but unfortunately this year it was cancelled due to the national lockdown. However, I did visit the war memorial at the cathedral yesterday and laid Osborne’s Wreath and paid respects on behalf of Osborne School.  


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