Children in Need 2020 – “COME AS YOURSELF”

As you may/may not be aware, it is CHILDREN IN NEED Day on Friday 13th November. This year, the theme for the day is “COME AS YOURSELF”.

We know that this has been a tough year for everyone, particularly children, young people and teachers. So, this year Children in Need are making mental wellbeing their number one priority for schools. It’s all about students and staff embracing their identities and wearing whatever makes them feel comfortable this Appeal day.

Therefore, for a small donation of £1, Friday 13th November will be a non-school uniform day for EVERYONE. Pupils and staff at the OsKings provision will have their non-school uniform day on Friday 27th of November.

Letters will be sent out to parents/carers and ALL donations can be made on our Just Giving page. This can be found here:

Please make sure you go on and donate for the day. We are hoping to raise a minimum of £250!

With regards to the day, please feel free to look at the website and enjoy the events on TV in the evening.

Marc Bernard, Deputy Headteacher

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