Anti-Bullying Week 2020 – A focus on Cyber Safety

It is national Anti-bullying week. This is coordinated by the Anti-bullying alliance each year to highlight the importance of uniting against any form of bullying.

Pupils across the school have had to have Computing lessons taught a little differently this term. All pupils from across the school have been learning about the importance of keeping safe online. The pupils have been encouraged and shown that the internet should only be used for positive means.

Here is some of their brilliant work:

An outstanding piece of work from Nancy, Year 8
Pupils from OsKings created their own ‘Who wants to be a millionaire: e-safety edition’.
Leaflets made by 9BR pupils
Leaflets made by Key Stage 4 pupils
An Excellent video starring Theo and Oscar (Class LWa)
Another excellent video starring Shannon, Tazmin and Adam (Class LWa)

Class SH sent us some excellent posters. Well done SH!

For more information about e-Safety please visit our ‘Internet Safety’ page HERE. As a parent or Guardian, it is always good to refresh your understanding of the best ways to keep your young person safe.

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