Osborne School Shakespeare School Festival 5-star review!

This year, Shakespeare Week looked very different at Osborne School. We still took part in the CSSF performance with all the enthusiasm and creativity of previous years.  However, rather than our rehearsals culminating in a performance at the Theatre Royal and only including a cast of 30 students, we went big, we incorporated the whole School! Each class had a scene to film, which was stitched together to tell the story of Romeo and Juliet. Our film was shared with the CSSF online community as part of ‘One Night of Shakespeare‘.  Osborne School was featured alongside hundreds of schools across the country, two extracts from our film were even used in the live broadcast on the evening of Friday 20th November.

It is available to watch on our School Facebook Page and our School YouTube channel. I encourage you to give it a watch, it showcases the incredible talent, innovation and determination of our staff and students, as well as telling the story of Romeo and Juliet beautifully. 

This is the appraisal that we received from CSSF – I think it captures us very well. Congratulations Osborne, even in such difficult times, we still shine!

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