Virtual Pancake Flipping Contest

There will be no pancake making in Food Technology this term, so this is something fun you can do at home instead!

Please see details on taking part in this online virtual pancake flippin’ contest and help raise money for charity doing so. If you do send in any videos, please also send to

It is being organised online only, using Facebook, where you can see the full instructions.

Here is the link: Winchester Rotary UK.

It is open to individuals (rather than teams) and the participants need to upload a short video to the Rotary Facebook page. If you have problems uploading or don’t use Facebook, just email your video to: and they’ll do the rest! It is free to enter but, with fundraising being so difficult this year, any donations would be extremely appreciated and these will be split between 
Trinity Winchester 
and  Winchester Churches Nightshelter
which are the main charities they are supporting this year. Details are on the Facebook page and the link for donations is:!/DonationDetails.

If you have any queries, please email: Let’s have some flipping fun!!!  

Lisa Massey, Head of Food Technology

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