Fishing Club is back!

Fishing club has returned for another 6 weeks, an opportunity given to us by Winchester College.

During the second week, by the banks of the river Itchen, one of the students at Osborne Colleges’ rod began to twitch. This student caught his first fish which he managed to net and bring to the bank of the river all on his own without any help or assistance from staff. Once Steve, the Fisherman, had put the fish to sleep he handed it to the student who then proud as peacock carried it around with his fingers in its gill’s (the correct way to carry a caught fish that he was shown). He was so very proud that he took his fish around to show the other students. The other students were amazed at what they could catch and even had a turn of touching the fish to see how it felt. His catching the fish made the other students more determined and enthusiastic about catching a fish to take home for their tea!

Fun Clubs is a great opportunity for students to develop their social skills with their peers and also build new friendships as well as learn new skills in the variety of the clubs we offer.

Jenni Budd, LSA

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