Transition – Move from Children’s to Adult Services

Osborne School were recently contacted by Dimensions, please read below if you are interested in learning more about the move from children’s to adult services.

The move from child to adult services is called transition.  This is often a really confusing and challenging time for parents where advice and support is hard to find.

Dimensions is an experience care provider that understands what a difficult time this is and using our experience we have produced literature to help parents and carers with the decisions they have to make.  I have attached a copy of our transitions brochure that attempts to “demystify” some of the process please feel free to pass on this information on or attached to your website. 

Here is the link to our website: Dimensions | Supporting People with Learning Disabilities & Autism (

We can also offer a “virtual” presentation on a mutually convenient date or join any virtual or face to face events you have planned. You can contact Vicki Mills (referrals and assessment manager) by sending her an email or 0300 303 9032.

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