Osborne School Tree Champions

Osborne School has just won a certificate of achievement for their contribution towards the National Young Tree Champions 2021 competition, organised by the Tree Council.

Learning support assistant Sarah Kayser led the OsKings class with this challenge:

I was part of the effort to motivate students and develop and unlock their understanding of the value of trees and the environment. Our students are fantastic and rise to any task. They are an inspiration to me since they are open-minded and willing to try everything.

When the initiative was suggested, they all got involved in finding their voice in order to advocate for trees and make the diversion. My goal was to motivate the students to become Young Tree Champions.

The students were asked to vote on whether they wanted to compose a speech, poem, or song. They chose to write a speech, therefore they were given a word bank of crucial vocabulary to know for this endeavor, as well as an understanding of the damage all around us.

To compose the final speech, they selected the best elements of each speech as one group. The students were then able to assign one sentence to each participant, allowing each to deliver the speech. Each child practiced their lines, and the following day, we recorded them in front of a green screen.

We only needed a good tune to complete the task because a student created a presentation for the background and was edited to the movie. It was their sheer drive and aspiration to create a speech that would capture the viewers’ attention and make them reflect on their habits, as well as focus on the reality that we must act or our world and all living creatures, including humans, will suffer as a result.

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