A message from our Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers

A very warm welcome to you all and a huge welcome to all our new parents. The first day of the academic year is never easy for any of us but particularly difficult for those starting a new school; I know only to well as I was in that position this morning!

I am pleased to say the first day has gone well. Pupils were both excited and anxious as they first arrived, but as the day has gone on they have settled and are learning the school routines and expectations.

The pupils who attend the Osborne site, school and college, will all come home this afternoon with a school diary, which will inform you on how your individual young person’s day has gone. We tend to keep these as positive as possible and if there are any concerns the class staff will be in contact with you by phone or email. Please feel free to write messages to your class staff if you need to inform them about anything to do with your young person. For OsKings’ parents, your young person may or may not come home with a diary. It is very much down to the choice of your young person, however if you really want to have this please do contact the OsKings’ staff and I am sure they can arrange this for you.

Unfortunately, Covid is never far from our minds, however, we are still doing everything we can to limit the spread of infection within school. We are continuing with a cleaner on site throughout the school day to continuously wipe down surfaces and all staff are being vigilant about sanitising areas that they are using with the pupils. They will also be encouraging all pupils to wash their hands on a regular basis. Please see the school’s website for the updated risk assessment and can I please encourage you to continue with Lateral Flow Testing at home. At the moment face masks are optional; pupils, staff and visitors are not required to wear masks however if you would like to then please do so.

Transport today took a little while, but this is always the case on the first day. It will start to settle as the week progresses so please bear with us. Just to remind you that drop off at school is 8.45am to 9.00am and pick up 3.00pm to 3.30pm.

Uniform – thank you all for sending your young person to school in uniform. Please do continue to do this as it certainly makes the pupils feel proud of themselves and their school when they are in uniform. Please note that we will be following up on pupils not in uniform to understand the reasons why.

Over the summer the school has undergone lots of refurbishments and in time we will ensure that we update the website so that you can see what we have done. We have had installed four wall murals depicting the school values, the curriculum, and the solar system. I am sure your young people will appreciate them and engage with them; they certainly brighten up the school. We have also had individual learning bays installed in various parts of the school and we have had toilets refurbished and redecorated, along with many classrooms.

We are very pleased to be back running the full school curriculum and after school fun clubs will be up and running very soon. Information about these will be out to you shortly. Please keep an eye on the website as this gives you all the up to date information on everything that is going on in school and will show you what the young people have been up to in their lessons.

This term we are sorry to be losing one of our parent Governors. He has been with us for a number of years but now feels it time to release himself from the role. A formal notification letter will be sent out to you later this week but if you are interested please do get in touch to discuss what is involved.

The Autumn Term is an exciting one with lots to look forward to as Christmas approaches. Further information will be sent out to you over the coming weeks so that you are aware of all the events that are coming up.

Thank you all for being so positive about the start of the new academic year and please do not hesitate to contact the school at any time should you require anything

Kind regards

Sonia White, Headteacher

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