Medicines Management Information

Below is some information from the Special School Nursing team:

Within the school day we are aware that medication may need to be administered to your child regularly or as required. The priority of the Special School Nursing Team is to administer all medication safely in accordance with local and national guidance. Please complete the Medical Information and Consent Form provided. Once this information has been gathered you will be asked to check and sign a completed form once a year.

  1. Regular Medications:

If your child requires regular medication during the school day or if attending off site activities, we will need:

  • The medication in a container which has the original prescription label attached.
  • A copy of a recent consultant letter or GP repeat prescription print out stating the dose and how many times a day the medication must be administered.

Without both of these items we will be unable to administer the medication.

This also applies if your child has a change in dose of medication – a consultant letter or GP print out must be sent to school stating the new dose and the medication must have an accurate prescription label.

  • As Required Medications:

We are aware that at times your child may be prescribed a short course of antibiotics or other medication.  Please ensure you send the original container into school with a prescription label attached and advise the Special School Nursing Team why it is being given and what time you would like it administered by completing the school’s short term medicines form available from reception.

  • Emergency Medications: (e.g. for seizures, asthma, allergies)

Please ensure that we have an in-date supply of any emergency medication and any emergency plans have been updated and signed by the relevant professionals within the last 12 months.

  • Paracetamol:

We are able to administer paracetamol within school hours if your child requires it (as long as you have provided consent on the Medication Consent Form). If you have given a dose of paracetamol before school please let the Special School Nursing Team know in order to avoid the risk of repeating the dose. If it is necessary to administer paracetamol at school we will endeavour to contact you by phone beforehand – if we are unable to do so we will not be able to administer paracetamol within 4 hours of the child arriving in school as we will be unable to confirm they have not already had a dose that morning. If paracetamol is given you will always be informed in writing that day.

*Please be aware all medicines must have an unaltered pharmacy label and be in their original boxes with the information leaflet.*

We will endeavour to provide you with as much notice as possible for when we require replacement medication for your child due to expiry dates or medication being used up. For emergency medications or as required medications we will notify you at the start of the month in which they expire (most expiry dates relate to the last day of the month). For regular medications we will aim to give you at least 2 weeks notice of needing more stock. Any out of date medications/empty bottles will be returned to you for disposal at a pharmacy as we do not have the facilities to dispose of medication within school. Any prescription labels containing sensitive information about your child will be disposed of confidentially.

We’d like to thank you in advance for your cooperation regarding medications but please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions.

Special School Nursing Team

Below is a leaflet produced by the team:

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