The Friends of Osborne Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Dear Parents, Carers and Staff,

I hereby give notice of the AGM of Friends of Osborne School, to be held this Thursday 30th September. The meeting will commence at 5.00pm at the school and will last approximately 30 minutes. Refreshments will be served afterwards.

All parents, carers and staff are automatically members of FOS and everyone is invited to support the AGM. This is your chance to hear about how the funds you have helped to raise have been used for the benefit of the students at our school. FOS with its charitable status is an integral part of the School.

The AGM is also an opportunity for you to elect the members of the Steering Group for the forth coming academic year 2021 – 22. Nominations should be sent in advance of the AGM where possible. Details of the current Steering Group are set out below.

If you would like any further information about what is involved on the Steering Group or would just like some information about FOS, the sort of things we do and the help we need, please contact Barry Barnett or Janet Durham via email We look forward to hearing from you.


Chairperson: Barry Barnett Member of Staff

Vice Chairperson: Kate Yeatman Member of staff

Treasurer: Laura Hazeldene Parent

Secretary: Janet Durham Former Staff Member

The secretary’s position will be vacant from this September. This is a key role and the current Secretary will be staying on the committee for another year to do the transition.

Member: Sonia O’Donnell Head Teacher

Member: Lucy MacGrain Staff Member

Member: Dom Mathews Former Staff Member

Member: Debbie Bourne Parent

Member: Bev Jewkes, Parent

Member: Karen Smeal Parent

Member: Marianne Rolfe Parent

Member: Alison Ridley Parent

We need the support of our membership so that decisions taken at the AGM are valid and in line with our constitution. As a steering group we are always looking for help and support but attendance at the AGM does not necessarily constitute a commitment to getting involved.

So please come along and support FOS

For the purposes of seating, refreshments and administration we would be very grateful if you use the reply slip attached to the letter (below) or inform

With Best Wishes

Barry Barnett

(Chair of FOS)

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