Rubik’s Cube @ The Music & Drama Education Awards 2022

When Rubik’s Cube performed at The Royal Albert Hall in 2021 the editor of Music Teacher, Harriot Clifford, was in the audience. Harriot invited us to play the annual Music and Drama Education Awards. This year it was held at the Marriott Hotel in London with Myleene Klass (from Hear’say & radio fame) hosting. We were invited to perform an 8-minute medley at 10pm with 20 pupils from Rubik’s Cube! This was very much way past most of our bedtimes! We were well looked after by the staff, especially Sylwia Rozmus (the event executive) who worked so hard to organise us!

Some footage of Rubik’s Cube performing at the Music and Drama Education Awards 2022

Once we arrived we took a peek into the awards venue….. It was very fancy….

We then headed to have some food in our green room. It was a 3 course meal. Some comments from the young people were “I’ve never had 3 courses before” and “oh look, we have 2 forks!”. The food was even better than it looks in the photos!

We then started to get ready. There was lots of hair and make-up backstage. Mr Dlugokecki had neither, mainly because he doesn’t have much hair!

We also met the Royal Marines band! This made Sonia very, very happy!

Sonia White (Headteacher), Lisa Massey, Ben Dlugokecki, Sarah Criddle & Lydia Simpson

At around 9.45pm we headed for the stage and performed. The whole place clapped, sang and cheered. It was simply amazing!

Photos above: MDE Awards.

Myleene loved us (see below!). If you’re reading this Myleene, you’re welcome to join Rubik’s Cube. It’s pure and simple to join, you just come to the music room on Fridays at lunchtime!

Thank you very much to Sylwia Rozmus and to Harriot Clifford for this amazing opportunity for our young people. The response was fantastic, especially on Twitter!

Ben Dlugokecki, Musical Director

Sarah Criddle, Makaton Director

Lydia Simpson, Co-Director

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