Osborne School present Macbeth – Shakespeare Schools Festival 2022

On Wednesday evening, students from Osborne and OsKings joined together to perform Shakespeare’s Macbeth at the University of Winchester.  After only a week of rehearsals, each and every member of the cast came together and wowed the audience with their talents.

With a number of stage directions, lines and choreography, the performers took this in their stride and delivered a seamless and spectacular show.  The audience went from laughing out loud at Matthew’s glorious portrayal of King Duncan, to then, being transfixed on Imogens’ portrayal of Lady Macbeth as she loses her sanity.

The team work and collaboration was exceptional, with each individual moving around the stage confidently, telling the story of one of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedies.  The pure joy on the faces of each student and the audience, made it clear how fantastic it is, to have live theatre back after two years!  You can’t beat finishing on a rapturous of applause, after a lot of hard work, it really is the cherry on the cake. 

We know performing on a stage with their friends will be a lasting memory for a lot of the students but overall the opportunity to allow them to enter into the world of imagination and develop their own skills and passion for performance, really is a wonderful sight to see.

Emma Noble & Charlotte Cuthbert, Macbeth Directors

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