Ask About Autism Service for Parents and Carers

Below is information about a new service, Ask About Autism. For more information visit

We’re excited to announce a brand new service, Ask About Autism. The service is  designed to help families of children with Autism. This service has been developed by three different organisations across Hampshire – BRAAIN, Hampshire Parent Carer Network and Parent Voice, Isle of Wight.

Whether your child has a diagnosis, you are going through the diagnosis process or feel that your child may be autistic but don’t have a diagnosis, we’re here for you!

Ask About Autism offers:

Workshops – A range of free workshops to help and support parents. Some of the workshops are virtual while others are in person ,providing an opportunity for as many people across Hampshire to attend as possible.

Support groups – lots of support groups taking place across Hampshire giving you the opportunity to meet other parents in a similar situation and share ideas, stories and frustrations!

Helpline – We can help you find the support you need. Whether that’s details of the healthcare service you’ll be referred to, details of the support that’s available or social events specifically for families like yours.

Ask About Autism a partnership between BRAAIN, Hampshire Parent Carer Network and People Matter IW 

PLEASE NOTE BRAAIN is run by parents and not professionals. All advice given is what we have experienced ourselves or researched.

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