Rubik’s Cube @ The Music for Youth National Festival 2022

Rubik’s Cube performed at the incredible Birmingham Symphony Hall a couple of weeks ago.

We travelled to Birmingham by coach. There was a lot of singing on the coach! Some of the choir fell asleep!

When we arrived we ate our lunch, warmed up and prepared to perform.

The stage was huge and the hall was even bigger!

Rubik’s Cube performed brilliantly. There was some excellent guitar solos played by Oscar, Leo and Finley. Everyone signed and sang really well. The audience absolutely loved it. Well done, Rubik’s Cube!

And as if that wasn’t enough, in the evening, a special film was played to all the audience about Music for Youths support of Rubik’s Cube. Thank you very much to Matt Heanes and all at Music for Youth who continue to provide our young people with such wonderful opportunities to perform.

Ben Dlugokecki, Musical Director of Rubik’s Cube

Sarah Criddle, Makaton Director of Rubik’s Cube

Lydia Simpson, Co-director of Rubik’s Cube

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