As You Like It – Osborne School Shakespeare Schools Festival performance 2023

On Tuesday 14th March a group of students from across OsKings and Osborne College, travelled to the The Lights Theatre in Andover, to perform their version of Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It’, one of his famous comedy plays.  This was part of the Coram Shakespeare Schools Festival, which is an annual event, where the writer’s work is celebrated through education.  

Rehearsals were full of energy, enthusiasm and challenge, with line learning and multiple roles.  When the two ensembles came together, to prepare for the performance, the support and camaraderie between the students was fantastic!   

As we arrived at the theatre, excitement was in the air; we were prepped by the SSF staff and introduced to the other schools we were performing alongside.  Then it was time to get stage ready, with make-up, costume and props being set, the students held their own, remaining calm and professional. 

Each individual, entertained the audience with their portrayal of the characters.  Nancy Barks, shone, with her romantic characterisation of Rosalind and her comical disguise as Ganymede.  Stan Laba, was strong and lead the cast as Orlando, and Sam Batt created a sense of fun and humour with his Bob Marley take on the character Duke Senior. 

I have to congratulate the entire cast for their commitment and dedication towards the play; the script this year, was full of dialogue and various stories and themes to follow.  The students took it in their stride and finished on a high with a theatre full of applause and cheers; not to mention extremely proud teachers cheering from the wings. 

Emma Noble, Class Teacher

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  1. Jan Church // March 30, 2023 at 2:07 pm // Reply

    Absolutely fantastic. Congratulations

  2. Just wonderful xx

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