Osborne School presents ‘Rise of Rock’

Last week, all you could hear around Osborne School were the musical hits of ‘Queen’, The school production this Summer term was an adapted version of ‘We Will Rock You’, the Ben Elton/Queen musical. Below are some reviews of the show by the pupils.

I enjoyed being part of The Rise of Rock because I got to do it with friends, I was able to be confident in front of an audience and my parents. The best part of the show was the dancing and dressing up. During rehearsals I learnt different dances and signing.  I had to learn lines for the performance, the rehearsals were fun and tiring at the same time. During the performance I felt amazing and great. I will definitely do it again next year! Review written by Kayleigh, Year 10

Photos: Leo, Year 9

I enjoyed being in the show because it felt so great, to be acting on the stage in front of an audience. My favourite part of the show, was when I reacted to Scaramouch and Galileo being in the Heart Rock Café.  I loved my own character Nicky Sixx; Mason and Nancy were very good at playing their characters, as they spoke loudly and knew all of their words. I learnt how to do every part of the show, during rehearsals at OsKings, in the Tower building.  The rehearsals were amazing because everyone was really good fun, and had lots of energy. On the day of the performance, I felt excited and I wasn’t even nervous!  My mum came and watched the show and she thought it was great! I will definitely do the show next year, because I love acting and I would like to be part of the main cast.       Review written by Danny, Year 10 

The performance was great everyone got involved, dancing around, having a fun time. The songs were amazing good to bring back some oldies. Even Finley’s guitar solo surprised me it was great, very impressive. Even though I made the front cover, I loved the decoration, with the album covers everywhere. Everything was fun, glowing. Nancy’s performance was amazing, how did she stay up with those heels.  John was very dramatic, which made his character believable. Review written by Lily, Year 9

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