Osborne School is a nut-safe environment

As of September, we have a pupil in school with an airborne nut allergy, coming into contact with nuts causes a potentially life-threatening anaphylactic reaction.  For their safety, all nut-based products have been banned from the school premises. If your child consumes any nut-based product before school, we ask that they wash their hands thoroughly and rinse their mouth before entering the school grounds.  Due to the allergy if any pupil is found with a nut-based product after this letter has been distributed, the school will confiscate it and contact parents.

We understand that these measures may seem extreme; however, we want to ensure the Health and Safety of the pupil to the best of our ability.

I would also like to just remind you of the school uniform policy which you will find on the website: https://osborneschoolwinchester.com/policies.

Many thanks,

Sonia White

Headteacher, Osborne School

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