Nancy (Year 11) completes a work experience placement at Print Week in London

Nancy, the editor of our school magazine #Osborne, was awarded a days work experience in London as her prize for being a runner-up ‘Editor of the Year’ at this years’ ‘Shine School Media Awards 2023’. Read more about that event HERE.

Nancy described her day below:

I am very grateful I was able to be involved for work experience in LONDON of all places. But I do have to admit that some of the stuff was very interesting, like how the magazine is produced and made. 

Getting to London was a bit off trouble because of traffic. I’m not surprised there was traffic, its Monday and its London. Luckily, I was with a member of staff, Rebekah Ings, which made the journey there and back more entertaining. 

When we did arrive, we went into the church (yes, the office was in the church) to go into the office where we met Darryl Danielli, the editor and publisher of PrintWeek. Darryl led me to the PrintWeek office where I met most people who work in the company. I felt like the people working there did make the office livelier, it was nice hearing every one laugh and getting along, it also made the job less pressuring. 

The first thing I did was take interesting aspects out of an article and writing them in my own way. It was hard since trying to make die cutters sound interesting, well for me at least. 

After doing my first piece of work I had lunch, I realised I would rather do something more to do with graphic design. So, when we came back to the building, I asked if I could do something that involves graphic design. Darryl and another worker there told me I could check out their new official company website layout and find some things that the new layout can improve of. I really enjoyed doing that and I think I found some good points when I was showing my ideas in a little meeting. 

Of course, doing these kinds of jobs include a lot of team work and group effort, you need to see everyone’s views and opinions. I enjoyed near the end of the day since I found something I was comfortable in. I’m very grateful to the people who helped plan the work experience day :0)

Thank you to Rebekah Ings for putting together this brilliant video.

Feedback from the work experience:

Was lovely to meet Nancy yesterday, she was an absolute star.

Her design feedback on the ‘top secret’ new Printweek website was super helpful, and she genuinely spotted a few things that could be improved, so have passed her feedback to the development team. Look forward to seeing them come to life on the next wireframe design. She also had some great insights into how we could improve the user experience by making the articles clearer with additional info, have passed that on our UX engineer.

I know writing isn’t really her first love, but I have to say she did a great job on her news story – our news editor Richard was really impressed. As she herself said, it perhaps wasn’t the most exciting story (for anyone outside of the world of print), but, unprompted by us, she did some additional research on the company to better understand the product, did a great job identifying the important facts in the press release and then worked hard to condense the ‘news’ down to a short, snappy article. It was a great effort, so much so it is already published here with her byline:

It was great to meet Rebekah too, she was brilliant with Nancy and ensured she got the most out of the day (not to mention battling the awful traffic).

Thanks for organising Nancy’s visit, the team really enjoyed her working with us – you were absolutely right, she is a brilliant young lady. Hopefully we didn’t put her off working in an office (when she’s older) too much 😉

Well done, Nancy. We all very proud of you.

A huge THANK YOU to Rebekah Ings, Darryl Danielli and Anneliese from the Shine School Media Awards.

Ben Dlugokecki, Assistant Headteacher

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