On this page you will find regularly updated and relevant resources, activities, links, and information for this class from your teachers.


 Learning Activities for 22.10.20 for 8HHLT  
ENGLISH: I can match Harry Potter pictures to emotions – Happy, sad, angry, excited.  Complete the sorting activity. If you have it at home you can also watch the rest of the film ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’ (we got up to the end of the sorting hat scenes).   
MATHS: Play Roll a Monster game on https://homemadeheather.com/roll-a-monster-game-and-free-printable/  You can either do this at this level or make it harder by adding in sums for each roll of the dice…. 
WGWCF:  We have been learning about the weather so please work your way through this session and follow the instructions/activities on there:-  http://resources.hwb.wales.gov.uk/VTC/weather_symbols/eng/Introduction/default.htm 
1200 Zoom session:  Tacpac 5  
LITERACY: Play some literacy games online.   Try: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/resourceshttps://www.ictgames.com/mobilePage/literacy.htmlhttps://www.topmarks.co.uk/english-games/5-7-years/letters-and-soundshttps://www.education.com/games/early-literacy-concepts/  
LET’S GET CREATIVE: Pattern Scavenger hunt. We have been learning about patterns and textures so please watch the powerpoint and then go round your home and take pictures of 5 different patterns in your home and send them to me if possible and we will add them to your file of work at school.  These patterns can be anything from pet’s fur, cushions, curtains, something outside in your garden or whatever you can find.  
Enjoy half term and look forward to seeing you all on Monday 2 November in school. 


Here is the work for 8HHLT for today, hastily adapted from the work we would have been doing today in school.  We will also be running a zoom lesson at 1200 (details for this will be emailed to you separately). I picked this time as it seemed to work for many of you during the Spring, but I can always change it for tomorrow if it isn’t a good time – just let me know? If you have any queries or concerns please email me or Lucy we are always here to support and help you as much as we can. We can either respond by email or give you a call if that would be more helpful. It would be lovely to see as many of the class on zoom as possible, particularly as this has all happened so quickly for them.  I have included activities for each of the lessons today and it would be great to see any pictures of them or their work to add to their files when we get back into school.  

Hope to see you at 1200.  

Take care, Heidi and Lucy. 

Learning Activities for today for 8HHLT 
CITIZENSHIP:  Needs and Wants activity Groupwork https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1z4-YiZopYhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrbTJx3S34Ihttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLj260gsw60https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpNyTKgi1IoComplete the Important/Very important activity in workstations. Choosing. 
PE:  Striking and KickingPick some activities from the Striking and Kicking doc from Sian who teaches the class PE. 
MATHS:  Develop number recognitions and methods of addition  Groupwork: Maths songs addition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INHYb1RNaMM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WT_wvvEvkw4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVHOBVAFjUw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM-TSRPBaN0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaxrqDuw1Xk Workstation:  See WALTS sheet and work through activities with counters to check unit’s work.   
SCIENCE: Pick a bubble activity to do fromhttps://www.eureka.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Eureka-at-home-No-4-Bubbles.pdf?gclid=Cj0KCQjwuL_8BRCXARIsAGiC51BLoeis5D-lEok-UqeBFKVI3m1pXK66Gh1G7VMNfN8-wlSqtiCmMy8aAu-JEALw_wcB and send us a picture! 
ICT:  Take part in cause and effect games  Try some cause and effect games and stories on www.helpkidzlearn.com (login: BEND, password: password2012)www.ictgames.comhttp://www.shinylearning.co.uk/freegames/http://sendcomputing.info/cause-effect/https://www.gingertiger.net/en/play-games 

Work for week beginning 6.7.20

Hope you are all well.  Here is the work for next week.  It’s a bit different for you this week as they are all links to online lessons in order to help you structure your own approach with your child and to have some play led sessions.  The Oak National Academy is a Department for Education backed online school set up in response to the pandemic but is going to be available all of next academic year to provide a consistent resource in case of local lockdowns or whatever happens!  We’ll give it a try and see how it works.  Any feedback from you would be great.  I have singled out the relevant lessons to fit in with what we have been covering so far.  Let me know how it goes!




Then explore their emotions:


Take part in one of the brilliant activity club sessions:-






Work for week beginning 29.6.20

Work for week beginning 22.6.20

For maths next week please can you pick at least one bucket session from the following link?  It would be good to revisit money as we covered it earlier on. There are some great bucket sessions on here and you can pick from either early development or building understanding sections.  There is also a very useful independent living, speech and language and communication and language section which you may want to have a look at.Any queries or problems please email.Take careHeidi

Watch the songs about verbs:-

Play verbs games




Watch about emotions:

Work for week beginning 15.6.20

In English we are focusing this week on recounting and using who what where when why as a means to expanding ability to recount, remember and understand.  In Maths we are continuing to explore measure and key vocabulary associated with that.  Any worries or concerns please just email or if you have any specific requests again just email.  Maths work has been sent separately.

Work for week beginning 8.6.20

Hello everyonePlease find attached work for week commencing Monday 8 June.  It’s been great to see some of you this week.  It would be lovely to see you if you haven’t been able to join us so far.  Next week there is a daily opportunity to join in online:-

Mondays: 1pm: Makaton Choir (email Ben for details if you are not on distribution list already)

Tuesdays: 12 noon:  Sensory story (Heidi will email details)

Wednesdays: Rubiks Cube (email Ben for details)

Thursdays:  Tacpac online (details to follow by email)

Friday: 1:30pm Disco (email Ben for details) and then 3.30pm Science with Lucy (Lucy will email details).

If we can help at all please just email us.  Any queries or worries we are online as above every day and catch up then or on email.Take care, Heidi

Work for week beginning 1.6.20

Hello all!

Hope you are all well and have enjoyed this amazing weather we are having!  As we are ‘back at school’ here is the work for this week for your lovely young people!  In English we are looking at fiction and non fiction and learning about Florence Nightingale (if you go onto Twinkl for the input stuff for this – it is free during lockdown and if you search Florence Nightingale there are loads of resources on here too big to send you in an email).  In maths we will now be exploring mass and measurement and learning key words like heavier, lighter, longer shorter etc etc.  For this, of course, baking is a brilliant learning tool so please feel free to bake your way through this week (just to add to the lockdown diet!).  Of course there is also loads of work available on the website too.Any questions here to help – just email me.Take care and hope to see you at the zoom sessions this week!


Work for week beginning 18.5.20

Work for week beginning 11.5.20



Work for week beginning 4.5.20

Your maths and English tasks are attached below for next week.  You have an alphabet scavenger hunt to go on, a letter to a relative affected by the lockdown you can cut and stick together and a maths clock to make.  If you have downloaded Clicker then email me and I will send you the letter template to complete on there (details of this were in last week’s email). I have also attached some gardening activity ideas and a VE day letter to parents. 

If you would like to film or take a photo of your family’s celebration of this (particularly if you are taking part in the street party in your front garden) and send it to Ben then he is making a film to go into the Osborne Film Festival which airs next Sunday 10 May (details of this on the website too). 

Don’t forget as well there is the Makaton Choir on Monday at 1pm, Rubiks Cube at 12pm on Wednesday – details of all of these can be found by looking on the website and by emailing Ben (b.dlugokecki@osborne.hants.sch.uk) to get the Zoom passwords and details.Have a great weekend everyone.  Any problems or worries please contact me or Lucy and we are here to help.


See more details at https://alittlebitofstone.com/2020/04/27/stone-stay-at-home-street-party-to-celebrate-ve-day-75th-anniversary/

Work for week beginning 27.4.20

Work for week beginning 20.4.20

Hi all

Hope you had a lovely break over Easter and that you are all keeping well and happy.  It’s back to virtual school tomorrow and thought I’d send you some work if you would like to do it (no obligation but it’s there if you want it).  Please can I just remind you of our class catch up tomorrow at 11am on MS Teams – I sent you all an invite via MS Teams and  thank you to those who have responded. If you could take part it would be lovely to see you all.  It will only be a short hello – just to see if we can make it work. 

Also please can I just remind you of Sonia’s request (see https://osborneschoolwinchester.com/2020/04/06/covid-19-and-end-of-term-update-from-the-headteacher/) that you keep in touch with us as we are required to keep in touch with all our parents to check that everyone is keeping ok and well.  Just a brief one or two word response would be fabulous just so we know and can pass onto Sonia that you are all ok.So I have attached some English and Maths work for you for this week (see above).  There is also loads on the Learning Hub (password Hub2020) if you want to access anything else – the sensory pages are brilliant.

Also we have been tasked with preparing the summer reports whilst we are at home and it certainly looks like we are in this for the long haul.  Please could you have a look at the pupil comments document which Lucy has kindly done for me on Communicate in Print as she has it at home.  If you could please get some idea of how pupils feel about school for their reports that would be fantastic and send it to us then it would be a great addition to their school reports.  The Communicate in Print document is intended as a guide and is not exhaustive but is intended as a starting point for you.  Whatever you can do would be enormously helpful.

Just as a final note and apologies for the long email but thought you might like a fun thing to do aimed at parents supporting young people with SEN at home during the outbreak.  Have a look on the singing hands website at https://singinghands.co.uk/product/wine-and-sign-3/ for a ‘wine and sign’ event on 8 May which may provide a little light relief!

Take care and hope to see as many as possible of you at the Teams class catch up tomorrow.  Both Lucy and I will be on there.  It would also be lovely to see photos of the class at home again (as we had started to do before the holidays).  Please also remember that Lucy and I are here to support you any time and we will do anything we can to help.

Best wishes, Heidi

Work for week beginning 6.4.20

Create a diary of your home school time so far and of your time over the Easter holidays using the Pictello app:


if you choose to (50% discount during the outbreak) or just by sticking some pictures in a book or on a powerpoint file.

Choose some activities from the sensory ideas file and take pics of you doing them.

Watch some of the Osborne Youtube channel and express a preference by holding up thumbs up or thumbs down.

Work week beginning 30.3.20


Hope you are all keeping well.  Here are two topic areas for you to focus on this week which can be extended and expanded by the work I will email to you all on the group email that I set up for us last week. I will send you two topic areas per week on the website pages and then you can add to this by doing the stuff I send on email.  There will be one English topic area and one Maths topic area per week.

English topic area for this week: SPRING

Get outside and explore to see how many signs of Spring you can see.  Collect some examples and make a Spring collage.  Make labels of the items you find and see if your young person can put them on the right item.  Play https://www.primarygames.com/seasons/spring/games/springmatch/a spring matching game.  Make a table of the days of the week and use visual weather pics to record the weather this week each day and take photos of all of this and add to the group email to share with everyone.

Maths topic area for this week: Money

Try and have an example of all the coins and see if they can identify each one.  Can they order them in value order?  Play https://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/7-11-years/money (we have played the coins game in class).  Do some rubbing of each of the coins to make a picture.  Play pretend shops and extend understanding of exchanging money for items.  Take pictures of your pretend shops and email them to the group. 

Play https://www.doorwayonline.org.uk/timeandmoney/supermarket/.
Just some ideas to get you started.  Please see the group emails for further tailored ideas for your young person.Take care allHeidi