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Work for week beginning 6.7.20

Work for week beginning 29.6.20

Notes Hello! I am trying this new format for my Hub pages this week.  Please let me know what you think and if there is anything else that you need?  
Special Events It is Children’s art week this week! Check out the website for some really lovely online Arty events and activities Also have a look at the Art pages on the hub and have a go at some of the Activities there.  
Learning Hub  Password: Hub2020 
What’s on this week? Makaton Choir Rehearsal via Zoom – Monday 29th June @ 1.30 Rubik’s Cube Rehearsal via Zoom – Wednesday 1st  @ 12pm  Contact Mr D via email if you would like to attend- he will send you the links.  
Active challenge Lots more PE videos have just been added to the Hub so please check it out!  
English –  Adapted learning    Have a look at the English pages on the learning Hub Listen to an extract of Bad dad read by Kate. Have a go at the Adapted activities posted there.  
English- Core Have a look at the English pages on the learning Hub Listen to an extract of The Skellig Project read by Caroline.   Have a go at the Core activities posted there.  
Reading – Adapted Use Phonics Play – It’s now free. Check it out.  Listen to different stories. Audible is now free.   
Reading – Core Try using the Rapid Plus website to improve reading: First News is a newspaper aimed at young people aged 7-14. For a short period they are offering a free digit download each week’s paper.  
Maths – Adapted   Again, complete any of the adapted worksheets and send back to me!  Lots of new ones added each week. have lots of activities at Adapted level.  
Maths – Core Play Maths games on  Complete any of the adapted  or core worksheets and send back to me!  
Maths- Challenge  Read BBC Bitesize mathematics. Have a go at the quizzes.   Complete any of the core worksheets and send back to me!  
Science Please complete the KS3 work set by Gillian. Please email any finished work to me!  
SRE  Please choose an activity from the SRE page on the learning Hub and send to me.  

Work for week beginning 22.6.20

Work for week beginning 15.6.20

Work for week beginning 8.6.20

Work for week beginning 1.6.20

Work for week beginning 18.5.20

Work for week beginning 11.5.20

Work for week commencing 4.5.20

Work for week commencing 27.4.20

Work for week commencing 20.4.20

Work for week commencing 13.4.20

Work for week commencing 6.4.20

Work for week commencing 30.3.20


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