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Brenda Ralston, KS3 Leader and Head of Art

Work plans for pupils in Year 7

Topic – “Buildings”

MLD pupils –  Research and respond (make drawings) to the work of artists and architects:-

  • Christopher Wren  – St Paul’s Cathedral.
  • Hundertwasser – Focus on colour.
  • Kandinsky – Focus on shape.

SLD pupils – Decorate a shoebox in the style of Hundertwasser or Kandinsky with shapes (precut if needed) and bright colours.

Work plans for pupils in Year 8

Topic – “Chairs”

Reference –

  Look at “presentations” – Chairs; Take a seat; and Chair designs.                 

Tasks- Decorate a chair in the style of Van Gogh or Monet.


With help,

Decorate a chair outline for Darth Vader, Harry Potter, or Shrek or a personal favourite character from any programme.    

Work plans for pupils in Year 9

Topic – “Natural Forms”

Research and respond to the work of artists:

  • Georgia O’Keefe
  • William Morris
  • Charles Rennie Mackintosh


With help,

There are potential experiences and sensory activities in the garden or with houseplants or herbs.

Look at textures, shapes, smells and colours.

Work plans for Years 10 and 11 Art GCSE Options Groups


Look at “Looking at Portraits”

Go through the powerpoint slides.

  • Tasks:- Try to copy some of the works by the artists featured.
  • Do pencil sketches including shading.
  • Do some coloured sketches.
  • Produce writing to answer the questions set and make it clear which artist you are talking about.
  • Draw pictures of family members from photographs – faces only.
  • Research African Tribal Masks and draw some of them.
  • Research Manga as an Art form. Try to copy how they create different expressions/emotions just by changing the eyes.


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