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Spring 1 Blog

This term year 7 are focusing on ‘Flour & Bread’. So far we have investigated different types of flour, learnt how it’s made and are now designing our own breads to make.

Year 8 are investigating ‘Pasta meals’. We have explored different types of pasta and started with making a basic tomato and herb sauce.

Year 9 are looking at 3 course meals, starting with ‘Starters’! We have made garlic bread and Bruschetta already.

In KS4 the students are focusing on different cooking methods as described when following a recipe. We melted ingredients to make flapjack and then used the creaming method for chocolate brownies.

Autumn 2 Blog

This half term year 7 have been investigating sugar. We made iced biscuits, following a recipe with high sugar content.

Year 8 explored different soups then designed and made their own.

KS4 Options have been making party foods, working towards their Asdan and Btec courses. We followed instructions on a pizza dough packet, then made pizzasadding our chosen toppings.


Year 9 and LRBVK Summer 1 Blog

The year 9s are learning about food storage and hygiene.  We will focus particularly on meat hygiene, where it is stored in a fridge and why. We will also look at where other foods go in the fridge and why and what happens in the freezing process. We will learn about storage temperatures in the fridge and freezer. Meat and fish dishes will be cooked.

Home learning

Let your child help sort the shopping into the right places, the fridge, kitchen cupboards, freezer and fruit bowl. Let them put the fridge items on the right shelves. Discuss where and why?

Year 8 Summer 1 Blog

The theme this term is about the school Tuck Shop.  Students will be learning about what is sold, why it is healthy and making tuck shop items to be sold to the school as well as take home. Students will also have a choice about items to make. For example vegetable crisps, pasta pots, fruit salad, and mini pizzas.

Home Learning

Research some healthy snacks, look on supermarket shelves, or on the internet. Have a go at making a snack.

Year 7 Summer 1 Blog

As it’s the summer term Year 7s will be learning All about Salad. They will be tasting different salad leaves and making different types of salad. These will include a potato salad, coleslaw, green salad, mixed salad and apple and watercress salad. The emphasis will be on correct preparation and understanding why it is healthy.

Home Learning

How many different salad leaves are there. How many can you name? What colour are they? What shape are they? Where in the supermarket are the salad leaves? What other ingredients make a salad?

Year 7 Spring 2 Blog

Year 7s will be learning All About Fruit, they will be looking at how it is grown, doing some gardening and planting seeds and plug plants, so that what is grown can be used to cook with in the Summer term. They will be learning about the nutritional value of fruit and making some delicious fruity dishes.

Home Learning Year 7

Find out what seeds can be sown in the spring. Go to a garden centre or use a book, grid/table or the internet.

Draw different fruits and label them. Find out what fruits are grown in England and abroad. What is a citrus fruit?

Year 7 Spring 1 Blog

During the term we will be working on the theme of Bread. We will be learning about the basic ingredients to make bread, and make different breads. We will make savoury and sweet flatbreads, wholemeal bread and pizza dough.

Home learning- research breads in the supermarket by either going to the shop or on the internet, make a list of different breads or draw them or make a collage of pictures. Find out which country they come from.

Year 8 Spring 1 Blog

In year 8 we will be learning about food for the elderly. We will be planning and making food that is suitable looking at the texture and the importance of a healthy diet. We will be making dishes like sausages and mash, chicken casserole and fish and chips.

Home learning – Find out about The Meals On wheels service. What types of meals do they deliver?

Year 9 Spring 1 Blog

The year 9s will be planning and making a 3 course meal. They will research different courses and plan what to make. They will make a starter, main meal and dessert based around a theme.  Students have chosen to make starters like samosas, spring rolls, garlic bread,  main meals , Chowmein, Chinese 5 spice chicken and desserts like fruit crumble and Tiramasu.

Foodwise and BTEC Autumn 2

BTEC – Students will be working on the theme of breakfasts. They will be making a bacon and egg sandwich, a sausage sandwich, a full English breakfast, porridge, pancakes and flapjacks. They will focus on health and safety and hygiene.

Home learning – students will be completing cooking skills record sheets and evaluating what they need to improve. Go to to look at information on breakfasts, techniques and recipes.

Foodwise – Students will be exploring different diets by making different burgers. They will be finding out which is the healthiest. They will be making beef burgers, veggie burgers, fish burgers, and bean burgers and tasting different burgers.

Home learning- Where can you buy takeaway burgers ? What types do they sell? Compare them to another shop or restaurant. Which do you think are the best and why?

Year 9 Autumn 2

The year 9s will be learning about catering for different diets. They will be considering how people have different requirements depending on their age, health, beliefs and sometimes religion. We will make food for a baby, a teenager,  a vegetarian and a gluten free diet.

Home learning – What is the difference between a vegan and a lacto vegetarian? What is the difference between a pescetarian and a vegetarian. Look in the supermarket or website at all the foods that can be bought in the gluten free section.

Year 8 Autumn 2

We will be making soups using different seasonal ingredients. We will learn about the source of vegetables from source to table and about their nutritional value. We will be tasting soup and making a variety of flavours, leek and potato, tomato, parsnip, vegetable and Mulligatawny.

Home learning- look at different soups in the supermarket or on a website. How are they packaged? for example in boxes, cans, cartons. Why is this? Which are the healthiest soups?

Year 7 Autumn 2

The theme this half term is biscuits. We will be learning about different biscuits, sweet and savoury and how much sugar is in  a biscuit! We will learn about if sugar is good or bad and why. We will make some cheese biscuits and shortbread and design and make Xmas biscuits.

Home learning- look at your biscuits at home and find out how much sugar is in the biscuit by reading the traffic light label on the front. Design a biscuit at home. How can you make it healthier?

BTEC Autumn 1

BTEC students are learning about eggs and the many ways of cooking them, egg safety and how eggs are used in different recipes. Students have practised making the perfect soft boiled egg, a fried egg and scrambled eggs. Health and safety are the emphasis throughout and working independently.
Home learning – Research different types of eggs. Note the different types of egg sold in the supermarket and find out what the labels mean. Alternatively, research battery, free range, barn, and organic eggs on the internet.

Year 8 Autumn 1
The year 8s are learning about hot and cold drinks. So far they have designed and made a smoothie, discussing and learning about the benefits of fruit in drinks.
Home learning – find out what fruits are used to make shop bought smoothies. Predict first, then check the label. Where there any surprise fruits or ingredients!? Which fruits are seasonal?

Year 7 Autumn 1
The year 7s theme has been making a packed lunch. So far we have discussed and planned what makes a healthy sandwich, we have made healthy sandwiches and students are encouraged to try different spreads, fillings and breads.
Home Learning – Practise making sandwiches at home using the skills you learnt in school. For example, holding the knife properly to spread, chopping and slicing making a bridge, grating moving fingers back.
What different breads can you use to make a sandwich, look on the supermarket shelves or on the internet.

Spring 1  – LRB and ESInt
 LRB and ESInt  have been working on the theme of Pirates. We have enjoyed making boat shape sandwiches, fish sandwiches, orange jelly boats and pirate cakes. We have worked on different textures, wet, dry, soft, hard, collecting equipment and basic skills, spreading, mixing, pouring, scooping and tasting!!

Spring 1- Year 7

The year 7s have worked on the theme of bread this half term. They have learnt about the basic ingredients and methods used to make bread. Key skills covered have been how to use digital scales, weighing, pouring, mixing, kneading, dry frying and baking. The year 7’s are improving in tidying up after themselves, washing, drying and putting equipment away.


Autumn 2-

BTEC students were learning about making different breakfasts, including porridge which turned out to be surprisingly popular, as well as designing and making a club sandwich and a full monty breakfast! Pancakes are always favourites with various fillings along with bacon sandwiches.

Autumn 2 Foodwise.

During the second half of the Autumn term the  KS4 Options group, doing the Food wise course were learning about different diets. They learnt about lacto vegetarians, vegans, meat eaters and pescetarians. They followed a burger theme making burgers for each of these diets. They enjoyed eating them the most!!

Junior Chefs Award
Last term Domonkos Csepai successfully completed the Junior Chefs Award at Eastleigh College. This entailed attending the college once a week after school to train with students from other schools, to learn and experience what its like working alongside a chef in a real kitchen/ restaurant environment. The achievement of the award culminates in making and serving a 3 course meal to parents and teachers at The Avenue Restaurant in the College. Well done Domi for a most delicious meal.
The Junior Chef program runs each term . If you are interested in a place please e mail Sue Lyons at Eastleigh College or myself at school for more information. This is an excellent opportunity for our students who may be thinking of a career in the catering industry and to experience what it is like to attend Eastleigh college.
Jan Smith – Head of Food Technology

Autumn 1 2017

The year 7s learnt how to make items for a packed lunch box including filled sandwiches, rolls, pitta pockets and wraps. They choose what items they would like to make and then demonstrated the skills they had learnt, mainly designing, spreading, cutting and grating. Students were encouraged to make different choices each week.

The year 8s made different drinks, ranging from smoothies, tea, coffee hot chocolate and lemonade.  Students were fascinated to learn how tea was made with a tea pot, tea cosy and tea strainer! They also learnt about which plants

tea, coffee and cocoa comes from and how it is processed.

The year 9s worked on food from different countries and enjoyed tasting different flavours and textures. They worked on peeling, chopping, frying and making adaptations to recipes. Dishes included Spanish Omelette, Ratatouille and curry. Lots of lovely smells wafted around the school!

DATE: 17/07/17

This summer term its all about picnics.  They have been planning suitable foods and making items for a picnic which we froze.  This week they have all had a picnic on the field although they were in the outside classroom on the days that the sun didn’t shine!  They enjoyed eating their sausage rolls and fruit muffins, crisps and squash.


DATE: 17/07/17

Year 8 have been making puddings for summer. They have been looking at fruits in season and choosing which to put in their desserts. In the pictures they are making Eton Mess.

DATE: 14/07/17

This summer term Year 9 were working on the theme Celebration. They planned a menu for different occasions including a school fayre, wedding and a christening. The items they made in Food Technology included mini quiche and icing a cake.

DATE: 12/07/17

BTEC students were focusing on cooking independently including following a recipe, health and safety whilst cooking and how to share recipes with others. They successfully made a pineapple upside down cake.


The Year 10 Foodwise students have been planning and organising a coffee morning and preparing snacks. They really enjoyed choosing their fillings for the sandwiches, making them and eating them!

DATE: 10/07/17

Students have been continuing on their meal preparation and cooking unit of the Towards Independence accreditation. Here they have made Eton Mess using skills including chopping fruit, crumbling meringues and whipping cream. Lovely!

DATE: 20/06/17

KS4 Options Group and 9BR visited Eastleigh College at their invitation.  It was an opportunity to eat a 2 course meal in the catering department’s training restaurant. The food was prepared by the college students and they got to make a dessert with real chefs working in a professional kitchen.  This gave the students an insight into the industry and may help them make a decision about their future careers.
They all enjoyed the experience and were a credit to Osborne in every way.

DATE 15/05/17

Year 7 have been learning all about fruit.  We started right at the beginning and planted some strawberries and tomatoes.  When the fruit is ripe we will use it to make some recipes in Food Tech.  Luckily, it didn’t rain when we were gardening and the pupils enjoyed the lessons.  They were all engaged and interested in seeing the progress their plants were making when we re-visited.


DATE: 12/05/17

Year 8 were learning about pasta.  They made their own fresh egg pasta and had fun putting it through the pasta machine.  They made tagliatelle and cooked and ate it.  The next few lessons were taken up with making lasagne and spaghetti bolognaise.  These were very popular lessons!

DATE: 14/03/17

ESInt continue to explore all their senses and develop basic skills to make a variety of pasta dishes.  I think they enjoyed this lesson!

DATE: 14/03/17

This term the BTec students will be making different salads and dressings.  They have completed a carrot and apple salad and a green salad with a vinaigrette dressing.  They are using the Eatwell plate to check it is a healthy balanced salad.  They will be focussing on why learning home cooking is beneficial.

DATE: 14/03/17

The KS4 Foodwise students are practising different techniques for cutting and chopping vegetables ensuring knife safety.  They were all very able at this task and ended the session with a beautiful plate of crudités and dips to tuck into.

DATE: 02/03/17

If you didn’t know………. Osborne run a breakfast club based in our Café.  We open from 8am and offer great choices.  Always available are cereals, toast, juice and fruit.  On particular days we offer croissants, eggs (fried or boiled!), pancakes and Friday is bacon sandwich day.  Prices for students are £1  Monday -Thursday and £1.50 for that very popular bacon sandwich!  If your child comes to school by bus he is allowed off the bus early to attend breakfast club.  There is no notice required – everyone is welcome either every day or 1 day a week.  Please give us a try.

DATE: 28/02/17

Year 9 planned to cook a 3 course meal this Spring term.  9CMC  cooked a Chinese themed meal. They are cooking Spring Rolls and Chow Mein.  9BR have gone all Italian and made Garlic flatbread to start and will cook Calzone this week – desserts to come!

garlic-bread-12 samosas-6 samosas-18

DATE: 11/1/2017

December in the Food Tech Room was all about Christmas! Year 8 made some fairy cakes and 9CMC excelled at decorating them for our Christmas Tree for the Osborne Tree Competition .  Although we didn’t win we were very pleased with the end result.  Year 7s made Christmas biscuits and Chocolate Logs and 9 BR made Mince pies.  They had a few to make as you can see!

mincepies-3 img_1287 img_1275 img_1270 christmas-biscuits-23 chocolate-logs-18 chocolate-logs-9 chocolate-logs-6


DATE: 7/12/16

This half term LRBVK and ESInt have been making different soups, some groups have made Leek and Potato and Parsnip Soup while others have  made different cup a soups, building on the skills to get the equipment needed with verbal and symbol prompts, pouring and mixing.

DATE: 7/12/16

Osborne College students have been learning to make hot snacks as part of ASDAN Towards Independence Certificate and Personal Progress Certificates. Lots of learning took place about health and safety, using heat, how to handle equipment and appropriate hygiene.

DATE: 17/11/16

Year 9s topic this half term has been Food Around The World.  They have cooked Spanish Omelette, Ratatouille and Mushroom, Pea and Potato Curry.  In the photos we have some students from 9BR chopping vegetables for their curry.

mushroom-pea-and-potato-curry-1-copy mushroom-pea-and-potato-curry-2-copy mushroom-pea-and-potato-curry-3-copy mushroom-pea-and-potato-curry-4

DATE: 16/11/16

The students had a great time in Shakespeare Week making Tudor food .  Year 7 made Jumbles – spiced biscuits.  Year 8 peeled and cut to make Pease Pottage and Year 9 cooked Rice Pudding complete with rose petal decoration!  Our BTec students excelled at Tudor Pork Pies and our LRB students along with Osborne College students working on the Towards Independence curriculum made Gingered Bread.  It all looks like it would make a fine banquet!


DATE: 12/10/16

The year 8s have been learning how to make hot and cold drinks. This week they learnt how to make a cup of tea the traditional way! They looked at pictures of tea plants, where they are grown, and compared the changes from plant to packet. We discussed what infusion means as well as making and drinking the tea, ( without sugar)!
The year 7s have been working on packed lunch food. This week they designed and made a wrap. Students were encouraged to try different spreads like tzatziki, houmous and avocado.  A range of cheeses were available to try and choose like Brie, Edam and goats cheese. We practised grating carrots to add to the texture and taste to the wrap. We discussed why we do not peel the carrots.

DATE: 6/10/16

The Macmillian Coffee Morning

On Friday 30th September Osborne School sold a cake sale in aid of Macmillian Cancer Support. The cakes were made by the students in ‘The Great Osborne Bake Off’ the previous day. A big THANKYOU to all parents/carers/students who attended. We raised over £100!  The Clafe was buzzing all morning with visitors and students from Osborne College did a great job at serving so many customers.

DATE: 24/3/16

For the past couple of weeks students have been making Easter themed foods. These have included an old favourite, Easter nests, and some new recipes like Hot Cross Buns, (prove twice for best results) . We have also had a go at making Chocolate Easter Eggs! Follow the link and video demonstration!


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