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Here you can find ideas for you to use with your young people!

Lisa Massey, Head of Food Technology

 Summer 1Summer 2  
Year 7Pastry Explore different types of pastry.Follow pastry-based recipes that are both sweet and savoury.  Fruit & Salad Explore different fruits and salad foods.Make your own healthy fruit-based desserts.Make salads and side salads.
Year 8Eggs Explore how many different ways there are of cooking eggs.Follow egg-based recipes.   Pastry & Traditional Desserts Explore different types of pastry.Follow pastry-based recipes for desserts  
Year 9Famous Chef Recipes Research famous chefs.Select who you like or admire and follow recipes of your choice.  

Below shows the intended topics to be covered this summer term in Key Stage 3. Please feel free to use this as a guide if you would like to explore cooking at home with your young person.

These themes are not mandatory. Anything that your young person does at home with you in the kitchen will be fantastic. There are some simple recipes on the websites listed below.

Please do also email me or Mr Dlugokecki ( for the website any photos or achievements and experiences that have taken place at home. I would love to see what yummy things have been made!


Food Technology ideas and recipes:


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