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Blog Autumn 1
Welcome back to fun clubs, what a great first week back at clubs. It has been great to see some new faces as well as some familiar ones.Everyone is glad to be back at clubs and the new students seem to settling in well.
This week cooking club made apple crumble using apples from are very own garden. Music and movement had a great time singing and dancing and along to some popular songs. Social club seemed very busy with new friendships being being made and others doing activities that they had never done before. Wednesday film club watched a film mama Mia which they reviewed and they would all certainly watch again!
Fitness did there weekly workout using the gym equipment.

It has been a busy and enjoyable term in Fun Clubs. The nicer weather has meant that fitness club has been able to make use of the amazing outdoor gym equipment and add to their Golden Mile scores. Film club was able to enjoy our brand new popcorn maker to add to the cinema experience and it has been really good at encouraging pupils to share. Film Club was recently involved in a research project aimed at improving film viewing and reviewing experiences for those young people with addition needs, the group had to watch a selection of films they would not normally have selected for themselves and it was very interesting to hear their varying opinions and it definitely encouraged pupils to communicate more with either! Dance club also had some new equipment to help their expressive movements. This term was very focused on free movement to the music and encouraging the group to come together to play games and activities. Cooking and Aqua remain popular clubs with pupils wanting to increase their skills and independence. Social club enjoyed a range of games and craft activities as well as the options to join in with film club on some occasions.

Summer term will see Dance club change into music and movement. This will still include dance but will also include some Makaton Choir and giving pupils a chance to try some instruments. We are also very excited to be joining with Winchester College to offer a fishing club…… so look out for our next blog entry to get news on this!!

Summer Term

As you can imagine Fishing club was great fun. It was enjoyed by the staff as much as it was by the pupils, who enjoyed freshly caught fish dinners most weeks! It was such a great opportunity offered to us by Winchester College and we look forward to next summer when we will have the chance to fish with them again.

Our onsite clubs have been just as successful. Cooking have been whipping up some delicious treats and healthy meals, which they have been able to enjoy either at club or take home to share with their families. Our improved Music and movement club has continued to be popular with the introduction of Makaton Choir activities as well as dancing and instruments. Social club and film club having been enjoying their clubs together this term, this has allowed them to chare activities……. And popcorn!

With the weather being really lovely this term, fitness club have been able to make full use of the outdoor gym equipment and have enjoyed a few friendly games of football in the hall to keep cool. Multisport club has also had a really lucky time with the weather and have been making use of the shaded areas provided by all the trees. Let’s hope it lasts for the last few weeks before we break up for the summer holidays.


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