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Work for week beginning 22.6.20

Complete individual Maths worksheets.

Attempt Anne Frank reading comprehension.

Complete individual themed crossword/word search puzzles.

Undertake an outdoor physical activity.

Undertake a cooking challenge of you choice.

Work for week beginning 15.6.20

Complete individual Maths worksheets

Undertake a half hour of reading

Undertake a outdoor physical activity.

Complete some mindfulness colouring.

Water seedlings.

Attempt the Incredible Egg Drop Challenge.

Produce a Timeline for the Life and Fights of Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Complete a wordsearch and crossword puzzle on the theme of WW2.

Work for week beginning 8.6.20

Complete individual Maths work sheets.

Research the life and times of Rocky Marciano

Explore the events of the Holocaust during WW2

Undertake an outdoor activity.

Undertake a cooking activity.

Work for week beginning 1.6.20

> Describe what is meant by The Holocaust during WW2.
> Produce a timeline of the life and fights of Sugar Ray Robinson.
> Make a Bruschetta.
> Water the seeds.
> Undertake an outdoor physical activity of your choice.
> Make some sweets.

Work for week beginning 17.5.20

For Mental Wealth Awareness Week – I would like you to undertake an activity (preferably outdoors ) that makes you feel happy.

Now a time to reflect, I would like you to explain what you have most enjoyed about your learning experiences this year (not just being off school!). I can then include these experiences in your end of term report.

Work for week beginning 11.5.20

> Design a poster for the third Osborne Film Festival (make it bold, colourful and eye-catching!!)

> Watch The Third Osborne Film Festival

> Make a strawberry (or alternative) cheesecake.

> If money was no object list your TOP FIVE Fishing Locations in The World and what would you catch there?

> Because of The Blitz during WW2, what would happen to the children of the bombed cities and why?

Work for week beginning 4.5.20

> What was The Blitz during The Second World War and how did it affect the Hampshire cities of Portsmouth and Southampton?

> Produce a Timeline of the major events and fights in the life of Muhammad Ali.

> Choose 5 different varieties of Chilli you would like to grow, and research how to do this.

> Produce some bunting to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE day next week.

> Produce a Union Jack Flag to display in your front windows.
Complete some Rapid Plus reading.

Work for week beginning 30.3.20

TASK 1: Explain the causes of World War 2.

Students should include information on – The Treaty of Versailles – The Economic Depression – Appeasement – Hitler’s Rise to Power – Hitler’s Foreign Policy. (This sounds complicated but we have already covered all these in class).

TASK 2: Plan a 3 course meal, with a budget of £20.00. Plans should include all ingredients  – cooking instructions , including timings and temperatures ( when necessary ) and a full breakdown of all costings.


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