DATE 11/03/17

This half term in Horticulture students have looked at attracting wildlife to our garden. We made bird feeders and joined in with the 2017 Big School’s Bird watch. We learnt about different garden birds and enjoyed seeing them visit our garden.


DATE: 10/1/17

In horticulture this term 16SC are participating in a project to encourage wildlife into our garden. Today students made bird feeders and hung them in the trees of our garden. We listened hard and could hear lots of birds. We are very lucky and can watch the birds from our classroom window. Today we saw 3 black birds, 1 thrush and 1 robin.

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DATE: 10/12/16

This half term students have learnt how to use rakes, claws and a wheel barrow to clear large amount of leaves covering the school site. Students have learnt how to use each garden tool safely and over the half term have all become increasingly independent in the task. Students have really enjoyed the activity and have worked really well in  teams.  Students particularly enjoyed putting on all of their safety gear and having the opportunity to work with the school site staff to use a leaf blower. All students have enjoyed working outside and looking at the changing colours of Autumn.

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DATE: 12/10/16

This half term students have enjoyed being out in the Autumn sunshine while working in the school garden. Students have been picking apples by hand and using apple pickers. Apples have been packaged  to take home and given out to staff. Some apples have also been used to make healthy snacks for the school Healthy Tuck Shop.  Great work everyone!