English In English we are exploring the book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. We will be meeting all the characters. We will be describing the characters and settings. We will be studying the story. We will be role-playing and creating our own Holes nicknames.

In literacy we will be visiting the school library, continuing with the dockside reading scheme, completing various activities related to our weekly spellings and some phonics based activities to enhance our reading and writing skills.

English – Home learning opportunities Research the author of Holes (Louis Sachar).

Create a fact file about the book, and the author.

Find out about the deserts of Texas, or other deserts in the world. What is the climate like? What wildlife is there?

Find another book in the library by the same author.

Continue to practice spellings.

Use the dockside online reading scheme, or read a book from the library.

Maths We continue to work on the four strands of maths and develop our skills in number, shape space and measure, handling data and using and applying.
Maths – Home learning opportunities Use MY Maths online;

User name: osborne

Password: square


Develop functional maths skills:

Practice identifying and using money when visiting the shops.

Pupils could explore time using the TV guide.

Count objects- setting the table, food shopping and sorting laundry.

Identify shape in everyday life.

Science  We will be learning about sound and how sounds are made.

We will be experimenting with lots of different materials which demonstrate vibration.

We will be finding out how our ears work to hear different sounds.

We will be experimenting with pitch and dynamic too.

Science – Home learning opportunities Explore some of the BBC website materials on sound. There are lots of great clips which show how vibrations create sound.


Use different household objects to create different sounds.


Go out for a walk and record different sounds you hear around the environment.

Computing Pupils are working on the initial and developing computing skills. Each pupil has a tailored programme to help enhance and secure their skills.
Computing – Home learning opportunities Pupils can use a series of websites to enhance their skills at home.

and for e-safety for your young people you can find information HERE

Mental Wealth Students will focus on developing skills and strategies to manage their own Mental Wealth and develop their ability to accept help to support their Mental Wealth. This may include lessons focusing on Mindfulness, Yoga stretches, meditation and sensory input, discussions about feelings and emotions and recognising how to managed and/or accept these.
Mental Wealth – Home learning opportunities Practice mindfulness techniques, follow YouTube videos – mindfulness and meditation for children.

Breathing techniques, calming activities, use of sensory items.

Ideas can be found at :


Citizenship We will be learning about rules and why they are important.

We will be looking at the law and how this works in the UK. We will be exploring age restrictions.

We will be considering why we need law and rules and coming up with some of our own.


We will be playing different games and following sets of rules to understand why this is important.


We will be taking turns and practising waiting as these are rules we need to follow sometimes.

Citizenship – Home learning opportunities What rules do you have to follow at home?

Create a new rule at home with a reward chart which identifies when you have followed that rule.

Are the rules the same in each country? Do some research about what laws are like in a different country.


PE Indoor: Gymnastics; with a focus on body management within the Key Steps Gymnastics programme. This will involve developing pupils core strength and control when moving. Adapted activities will be used with an emphasis on control, posture and where appropriate physio programmes.

Outdoor: Invasion Games: Focus on the skills to work in a team developing individual skills as well as applying them in small conditioned activities or games. Activities will include football, rugby, basketball and netball for this term

PE – Home learning opportunities Improve physical activity at home taking in part in recreational and organised sport
Food Technology This terms theme is Pirates. We will make things which are theme related like boat sandwiches, fish shape sandwiches, orange boats, chocolate coins and pirate cakes. We will use key vocabulary for ingredients as well as texture words.


Food Technology – Home learning opportunities Have a go at making anything fishy!!


HDIW Marbles and Mazes

We are really enjoying watching different types of marble runs to get ideas to create our own!

We are practising with different materials to see which materials are good for marbles to run on.

We are creating and making our own marble runs, using timers to see how long they take to run.

HDIW – Home learning opportunities Practise making marble runs and mazes shapes and sizes. What’s the furthest you can make a marble go?

Design a maze and make one from recycled materials.

LGC Under the Sea

We will be learning about creatures that live in the sea.

We are creating a range of sculptures using different materials to the theme under the sea.

These will include collage, painting, modelling, paper mache and printing

LGC – Home learning opportunities Watch ‘Blue Planet’ and look at the range of animals and creatures who live under the sea.

Research using non-fiction books about the sea.


We will be learning about map symbols and what they represent. We will be matching symbols to real places. We will be learning to read simple maps using grid references.

We will be finding features on local maps- identifying what they are using a key.

WGWCF – Home learning opportunities Explore different maps, visit places of interest that have maps to look at. Pick up leaflets and see if they have a map on to follow.

If you are in a supermarket or shopping centre locate the map, comment on how the aisles are different and signs and symbols show you where things are.

Where is your favourite place to visit?

Does it have a map?

RE Worship

Our theme is worship. We are exploring our own experiences of worship and the experiences of those around us.

We will be looking at worship in the context of the Sikh religion.

What we are learning this term in LRBVK

This Autumn in  maths, we are developing our number skills. Number will be  explored in different situations such as  counting , matching, sequencing, number bonds and simple addition. We will also be  investigating 2D and 3D shapes. In How Does It Work, our topic is structures and bridges. We will explore different bridges and structures. We will  show off our creativity in  using different materials making  various shape  models of  bridges and structures.

Home learning opportunity

-Students can count and add in functional situations, for example laying table, matching socks and putting away laundry

– find and match objects on a shopping list and match with prices.

-Identify shapes in the home and community.


LRBVK 2016-2017 – ARCHIVE


We have been very busy this half term with our How does it work project. We  made Pinatas using paper mache. We worked very hard, following instructions and using lots of different materials. We think you’ll agree they look fantastic!



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