What we are learning this term in LRBVK

English Exploring issues and dilemmas through texts

This term we will be exploring the concept of issues and dilemmas, initially working on what we perceive as ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ and moving on to looking at issues and dilemmas in specific texts. We will be studying ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ in detail and using the text as a stimulus to develop our knowledge and understanding of issues and dilemmas.

English – Home learning opportunities Talk about issues and dilemmas in everyday life and how to tackle them for example: not having enough money to buy a toy in the shop.


Focus on characters in Harry Potter, talk about how they relate to each other and the events in the narrative.


Read Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone at home, discussing events, characters, issues and dilemmas as they arise.

Maths We continue to work on the four strands of maths and develop our skills in number, shape space and measure, handling data and using and applying.
Maths – Home learning opportunities Use MY Maths online;

User name: osborne

Password: square


Develop functional maths skills:

Practice identifying and using money when visiting the shops.

Pupils could explore time using the TV guide.

Count objects- setting the table, food shopping and sorting laundry.

Identify shape in everyday life.

Science Chemical Reactions:

Students will continue to develop their knowledge and understanding of scientific investigations including conducting a fair test. We will look at the reactions of different processes such as rusting, baking, fire and how liquids react in different conditions.

Science – Home learning opportunities Conduct own chemical reactions with adult supervision such as:

Baking a cake – how do the ingredients change? What are the ingredients like before and after baking?

Bubbles: Explore and investigate bubbles: bubble blowing, bubble painting, using washing up liquids, bubble baths etc.


Computing Pupils will have individual programs to improve their key skills using technology.
Computing – Home learning opportunities Pupils can use a series of websites to enhance their skills at home.

and for e-safety for your young people you can find information HERE

Mental Wealth Students will focus on developing skills and strategies to manage their own Mental Wealth and develop their ability to accept help to support their Mental Wealth. This may include lessons focusing on Mindfulness, Yoga stretches, meditation and sensory input, discussions about feelings and emotions and recognising how to managed and/or accept these.
Mental Wealth – Home learning opportunities Practice mindfulness techniques, follow YouTube videos – mindfulness and meditation for children.

Breathing techniques, calming activities, use of sensory items.

Ideas can be found at :


Citizenship The liberties enjoyed by citizens in the UK

Students will be learning about what their rights are, focusing on The UN Rights of the Child and how this is related to their own lives. We will also work on the Declaration of Human Rights and famous Human Rights Leaders such as Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

Citizenship – Home learning opportunities Research Human Rights Leaders and the impact they have had on the world as it is today.

Take turns when playing games, showing respect for others

Focus on being friendly and helpful in the home

PE Pupils will have 2 PE lessons each week one indoor and one outdoor lesson:

Indoor: Fitness. Pupils will start to focus on the principles of fitness leading to healthy lifetyles.

Outdoor: Multi-skills based on Agility, Balance and Coordination: Pupils will have the opportunity to develop their skills through an adapted and individual programme.

PE – Home learning opportunities Improve physical activity at home taking in part in recreational and organised sport
Food Technology
Food Technology – Home learning opportunities
HDIW ‘Kites and Flight’

Pupils will research different designs in making kites and paper aeroplanes. They will choose appropriate designs, decide on the materials and make an item that can successfully fly!

HDIW – Home learning opportunities Practise making paper aeroplanes of different shapes and sizes. What’s the furthest you can make one fly?

Design a space rocket and make one from recycled materials.

LGC Pattern

Students will look at the work of William Morris and Mackintosh. They will compare patters in Maori, Native American, African and Indian cultural art. Students will create repeating patterns, experiment with patters on fabrics, paper and patterns in nature.

LGC – Home learning opportunities Pick out patterns in fabrics in the home.

Experiment with potato printing, drawing patters, making patterns with shapes.

Look at animal prints, leaves and other patterns in nature. Make collages to show case the patterns they have found.

WGWCF Weather

Students will focus on understanding the differences in hot and cold climates, develop their understanding of different types of weather and begin to identify weather and the effects of weather events.

WGWCF – Home learning opportunities Watch the weather on the television, internet or use phone apps with supervision.

Investigate the weather in different locations (

Comment on the weather each morning.

Experience different types of weather: jump in puddles, go out in the wind and see the leaves falling, play in the snow or enjoy feeling the warmth of the sunshine.

Discuss clothing needed for the weather each day – do you need a coat? Wellies? Hat? Etc

RE Harvest

Students will look at Harvest and why Christians celebrate at Harvest time. We will also focus on the concept of being thankful and what we are thankful for in our lives.


RE – Home learning opportunities Students can begin to name different foods, attend Harvest festival celebrations (if appropriate) discuss what they are thankful for and why,

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We have been very busy this half term with our How does it work project. We  made Pinatas using paper mache. We worked very hard, following instructions and using lots of different materials. We think you’ll agree they look fantastic!


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