What we are learning this term in LRBVK

English This term we will be focusing on report writing. We will be learning about key features of report writing, how to write simple reports and personal recounts. We will be looking at different ways that reports are presented, e.g. news reports, newspapers and radio reports.
English – Home learning opportunities Watch news reports, read newspapers, use the internet to research news stories.

Explore the News round website:

Read symbol news reports at:

Numeracy We continue to work on the four strands of maths and develop our skills in number, shape space and measure, handling data and using and applying.
Numeracy  – Home learning opportunities Use and apply monetary skills when out in the community. Become more independent when using money to make purchases.

Students can count and add objects in functional situations, for example laying a table or putting away clothes. To extend this students could multiply the amounts and work out different calculations and find the difference.

Find and match objects on a shopping list and match prices.

Identifying shapes in the home and community.

Using standard and nonstandard units of measure in functional situations such as measuring wrapping paper to wrap presents or using ml when cooking.

Science  We will be learning about Space in science this half term. We will be learning about light and dark, the position of the Earth in the solar system, different planets and their features and stars.
Science – Home learning opportunities

Explore Star Gazing website above

Explore website as an intro to astronomy


Computing Pupils have individual targets which range from interacting with technology using switches to using a keyboard to input text into a computer. Pupils experience a range of technologies including household items, iPads, Computers and cameras.
Computing – Home learning opportunities Pupils can use a series of websites to enhance their skills at home.

and for e-safety for your young people you can find information HERE

Mental Wealth Students will continue to work on exploring emotions, understanding how they feel and what strategies they can use to maintain a calm and settled state.

Students will also be accessing the Golden Mile initiative in order to promote exercise and fitness.

Mental Wealth – Home learning opportunities At home, students could continue to access strategies such as breathing techniques or the use of sensory items. offers a variety of different interactive scenes with calming music alongside breathing techniques.

Continue to talk about feelings and emotions and give students the opportunity to access sensory items, outside time or other strategies when they need to.

Citizenship This half term pupils will be preparing for the school fayre. They will be creating class crafts to sell on a charity stand and developing their knowledge on this year’s chosen charity.
Citizenship – Home learning opportunities  Come along to the summer fayre on Saturday 10th June to see (and buy) the crafts that the school have been making to support this year’s charity.
PE Indoor: Target Games; Pupils will be following a skill based scheme of work investigating and applying the core skills needed in target games. Lessons will be adapted and organised based on need.

Outdoor: Athletics; Pupils will be introduced to a variety of athletic activities including running, throwing and jumping. All lessons will be adapted and will ensure all pupils can access lessons. The lessons will support pupils in developing skills required for Sports Day

Creative Arts We will be looking at the work of Hundertwasser and Kandinsky, exploring shape and colour with a focus on buildings, the farm and the country side.
Creative Arts – Home learning opportunities Visit local art galleries or museums to explore different artworks and artists.
HDIW In How Does It Work we will be designing and making pencil cases, working on printing, sew technique and even attempting to put in a zip!
WGWCF In Where are We Going and Where Do we Come From we are focusing on the Romans. As part of this we will be learning about how Romans lived, their customs and designing and making our own mosaics.
RE In RE we are learning about Sikhism. We will start by looking at belonging and which groups we belong to and then move on to the 5Ks, Sikh customs and beliefs.
Food Technology As it’s the summer term LRBVK will be learning All about Salad. They will be tasting different salad leaves and making different types of salad. These will include a potato salad, coleslaw, green salad, mixed salad and Wardolf salad. The emphasis will be on correct preparation and understanding why it is healthy.
Food Technology – Home learning opportunities How many different salad leaves are there. How many can you name? What colour are they? What shape are they? Where in the supermarket are the salad leaves? What other ingredients make a salad?


Hello and welcome to the Summer Term. This term is extremely busy with lots of events and trips coming up. Alongside this we will still be working hard in our curriculum subjects, focusing on the topics below.

Kind Regards,

The LRBVK Team


We have been very busy this half term with our How does it work project. We  made Pinatas using paper mache. We worked very hard, following instructions and using lots of different materials. We think you’ll agree they look fantastic!


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