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Opportunities to use math’s skills occur in everyday life. You can encourage your young person to use their maths skills in cooking, in handling money, telling the time, counting places at the dinner table etc. We’ve compiled some resources for you to use and access at home if you happen to have access to an ICT devices.

Lindsay Waldron & James Wharton, Mathematics

Adapted Maths

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4

GCSE Maths

Good for all pupils

  • Topmarks – A range of resources, activities and games for all abilities.
  • ABCYA – Lots of mathematics games and activities. Very popular at school.
  • IXL – Resources for English and mathematics

Key Stage 4 and GCSE

  • BBC Bitesize – Everything from the AQA Mathematics GCSE is covered in the webpages of BBC Bitesize.
  • Corbett maths – An excellent source of videos, activities, practice papers and lesson plans.
  • All About Maths – GCSE and higher level mathematics resources, past papers and worksheets
  • Mathsbot – Secondary and GCSE Maths resources
  • Bee-Bot
  • Komodo Maths
  • Rocket Math
  • DoodleMaths
  • IXL Maths
  • Number Sense
  • Vegetable maths masters
  • Sumaze! primary
  • Splash Math
  • Elephant learning
  • Math Bakery
  • Zip Zap kindergarten math
  • Photomath


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