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16LW – Spring 2 Blog

16LW enjoyed our school ‘ICT is Everywhere’ themed day. We had a great discussion about using social media and the internet wisely, and we even tried to spot fake emails, which we learnt are used to ‘phish’ for your private information.

On Friday mornings some of us have been visiting Basingstoke College of Technology (BCoT) as part of the Next Steps programme. Last week we took part in a great activity where we had to pretend we were stuck on a desert island. We could choose up to four things to take with us from the suggestions given. This led to some very heated discussions about why an axe would be better than a tent or lighter!

16OB – Spring 2 Blog

16OB have had the privilege of Bailey joining our relaxation sessions once a week. She is only young so we are helping her to learn how to be calm in the classroom. This in turn is helping all of us to be calm.

16AR – Spring 2 Blog

16AR have tried to get the new year off to an energetic start. Each week they have been trying a variety of exercise videos to get into shape for 2020. The class have enjoyed challenging themselves.

16LW -Spring 2 Blog

This half term we are learning about how hard it is to be a parent and to balance the needs of a new baby with your own needs.

As part of our next Steps programme every Friday, we invited someone from the Supported Internship programme to talk to us about the possibilities after we have left college.

16AR – Spring 1 Blog

16AR spend every Monday working in the school café. They prepare snacks for the students to eat at break. They make dinners for staff to purchase and visit the offices in the school to sell snacks and sandwiches.

16ES – Spring 1 Blog

This term 16ES is participating in an enterprise activity to prepare various snacks and drinks that will be sold in our school café. As always we are trying to involve all our senses before we make our final product. Our first batch was mixed berries smoothie, I think we all enjoyed the session. If your young person uses school café during snacks please encourage them to make a healthy choice every Tuesday and try one of our delicious smoothies!

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