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Download this Video: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/5e4628b63c0c18ec7eeade1da70a653520201020202832/73c09293ec104dce66614f07e160926720201020203301/07b131

Work for week beginning 29.6.20

Work for week beginning 22.6.20

Work for week beginning 15.6.20

Work for week beginning 8.6.20

Work for week beginning 1.6.20

Work for week beginning 18.5.20

Work for week beginning 11.5.20

Work for week beginning 4.5.20

Work for week beginning 27.4.20

Work for week beginning 20.4.20

Work week beginning 6.4.20

A PE Activity for you!

Work week beginning 30.3.20

Maths: Data Collection Task

To develop understanding of how to collect and read data.

Using the data collect sheet and data collect sheet answer the questions. The key words are;

  • Frequency
  • Tally
  • Data
  • Collection


  • Data collection sheet
  • Data information sheet
  • Graph paper (PDF)


  1. Use the graph paper to represent the data. For example, male and female in a bar chart
  2. Research your own data. For example, average temperatures in your favourite holiday destination or carry out your won surveys with friends and family online.

I will be setting work on surveys next week but you could always make a start


Please check My Maths logins as I will be setting work online as well. In addition, I will send through useful links from online tasks as well.

English: Comprehension Tasks

Use the comprehension Tasks to answer questions. Use dictionary skills where appropriate

Science: Make a Lava lamp

Use the following link to make a lava lamp, consider density of liquids linked to previous science lessons

Art: Self Portrait

Use the art sheet to draw a self-portrait

Additional: Draw a flower following the steps on the support sheet

PE: Fitness Circuit

Use the resource to design your own circuit. Try and include a minimum of 6 exercises in your circuit. This will be on going.

Next week there will be stretching exercises.


Joe Wick’s work-out at 9am every weekday


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