The OsKings’ provision, based at Kings’ School, provides our pupils with moderate learning difficulties, the opportunity to access mainstream education.

The aim is to support pupils to:

  1. Develop their confidence through social interaction and experiences helping them access appropriate post 16 provision(s)
  2. To achieve their academic potential accessing appropriate academic qualifications including GCSE’s and Functional Skills
  3. To develop social skills and build friendships with pupils at a large mainstream school
  4. To access extra-curricular opportunities helping them build relationships and develop a variety of interests for adult life

Pupils attending the OsKings’ provision will have access to the following:

  1. GCSE: English Literature and Language, Science, Maths, History, Textiles and Art
  2. Entry Level Certificate: English, Maths, Science, ICT, PE, History and Geography
  3. ASDAN: Citizenship, RE and Work-Related Learning
  4. BTEC: Personal Growth and Well-being and Vocational Studies*
  5. Additional: Sports Leaders UK
    *Vocational BTEC allows options in ICT and Media, Sport and General Studies

All OsKings’ pupils attend specific year assemblies, with Kings’ pupils, and are allocated a school house to help them further integrate into Kings’ School. The provision is based in a classroom with access to computers, laptops and iPads. All pupils can access Kings’ School lunch and after school clubs as well as all facilities. Pupils are actively encouraged to socialise with peers from Kings School and supported, where required, by Osborne School staff.

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