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Here are some ideas for you to try with your young people. Enjoy!

Sian Allwright, PE Teacher

For week beginning 21/10/20

Work for week beginning 22.6.20

Hi everyone, this week is National School Sport week at home. There are some great activities to try. You can register as a parent for free resources. Just click on this link below. Have fun!!

Work for week beginning 15.6.20

Work for week beginning 8.6.20

Have a go at these fun activities! Try them with your brothers, sisters or the whole family. Once you have tried them send me your scores and we can enter our school into the Inclusive Virtual Sports competition. Good luck! Let’s show them how great we are.

Work for week beginning 1.6.20

Pupils can record their results and email them to The results can towards our school Sports Mark award. Also there are prizes for the school with the most participants!

Hi All and welcome to the start of the new ‘term’ which is going to be very different in lots of ways. We hope you are well and have been able to enjoy the break as much as possible.

Thank you for all the efforts you put into keeping your pupils active over Easter and especially to those who have jumped on board with the #DAILY CHALLENGE.This initiative will not only keep pupils engaged with keeping active with School sport but also count towards your Sports Mark Award with the Personal Challenge. We shall be launching a Sports Mark May Daily Challenge starting on May 4th. The activities here will be more sport specific and will include a weekly Inclusive activity. More details of this to come later this week.

Please try and involve your pupils in the #Daily Challenge. All details of how, when and where can be found here:

Please keep sending us the results via email as we have found this is the easiest way to upload them onto the County sheet. We are looking forward to seeing some NEW (North Eastleigh and Winchester) pupils appearing on the leader boards. We have attached a score sheet that may help you to record your pupils scores on if that helps.

The SGOs are awarding prizes for participation eg Most number of participants per school.  Let’s be the best we can!
Attached are the week’s Challenges. They are all fitness tests that could be used for assessment purposes if you need them. Videos can be found on the SGO YouTube site. All information can also be found on FB and Twitter.Stay Safe. Stay Active.

Stuart Lang gives us an idea to try in the garden!
Stuart Lang gives us another idea to try!
Barny’s PE Tips Part 1
Barny’s PE Tips Part 2

Barny’s PE Tips – Circuits
  • Joe Wicks live on YouTube at 9am every morning – Log in to Joe Wicks daily PE lesson. Type ‘The Body Coach’ into YouTube. Do it with the whole family, it’s fun!
  • Iain Mills of Parkside School (Inclusion School – Norfolk) who is delivering a daily video which can be found here – – It will involve Sensory Circuits at 9:30am and PE Challenges at 11:45am Monday to Friday.
  • Joe Wicks 5 minute and 8 minute workouts on YouTube. 
  • Go Noodle – free to log in. Type Go Noodle into Google search and then create a log in using your email address. Lots of active clips to copy as well as relaxing mindfulness videos. 
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga compilation – Type in Cosmic Kids yoga compilation, it comes up with 10 poses to copy.
  • Just Dance if you have it, or there are some dances from Just Dance you can copy on YouTube.
  • Trampolining in the garden, if you have one. Challenge yourself to a number of bounces, try different types of jumps. How many seat drops can you do in a row? 
  • Throw and catch in the garden, try different types of throwing – chest pass, bounce pass, overhead or shoulder pass against a wall. Use large ball or tennis ball. Throw and catch with rugby ball if you have one. Game – throw and catch with a partner or in a group, if you miss go down on one knee, if you miss a second time go down on two knees, then sitting. Continue throwing the ball in the group, each time you catch it you go back up, from sitting to two knees to one knee to standing. 
  • Set up an obstacle course around the garden, set a challenge to complete it 5 times.
  • Football – passing and shooting into a goal. Use garden chairs or anything that you think is suitable for goal posts.
  • Play a game of skittles, you could use plastic bottles, plastic cups or tins. If required – Roll ball down a ramp or push ball off lap. 
  • Create a fitness circuit 1) Run on the spot, star jumps, sit-ups, press-ups, tricep dips, plank. Time each activity for 1 minute. 
  • Skipping – if you have a skipping rope (Travel under/over the rope) Try skipping individually. If you have a large rope, have two people turn the rope whilst you skip in the middle. Use a hoop if you have one, for skipping and hula. 
  • Play Tag in the garden with family – one person is it, try and tap someone on the shoulder. If you get them it’s their turn to be it. 
  • If you have a balloon (and don’t mind them) challenge yourself to keep the balloon in the air, see how many you can do before it touches the floor. Try this with a partner.
  • If you have bubbles – Adult or sibling blow the bubbles – see how quickly you can pop them. 
  • Play Wii fit or Wii Sports if you have them.
  • Keeping active – Help with gardening, sweeping the floor, tidying up, cleaning and vacuum cleaning. 
  • Dance to your favourite songs. 
  • Gymnastic ribbons – If you have some ribbon and a stick you could make your own gymnastic ribbon. Put some music on and try spinning and making different shapes.


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