Year 10

What we are learning this term in Year 10

English 10CMc- In English this term we will be learning about William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. We will be exploring different ways in which we can explore the story through storytelling, sensory story and by performing it in class using different props and costumes. We will also be exploring the Globe theatre and making our own globe in class.

Literacy- we will be continuing to explore different books and going to the library weekly.

English – Home learning opportunities To continue reading their chosen books from the library.
Maths This term we will be learning about addition and subtraction. The class will be using different methods and resources to help explore this.
Maths – Home learning opportunities To continue with counting numbers, objects in and around home and in the community.
Science 10CMc will be learning about different parts of the face, body and clothes sizing. We will be drawing self- portraits, matching hair and eye colour and exploring different shoes sizes and the differences between clothes sizes.
Science – Home learning opportunities Top look at the clothes and shoe sizes people wear.
Computing Pupils will learn about the dangers of emails, mobile phones and online gaming. They will present all their knowledge of cyberbullying into a leaflet.
Computing – Home learning opportunities Pupils can use a series of websites to enhance their skills at home.

and for e-safety for your young people you can find information HERE

Mental Wealth This term we will be using a range of relaxation methods such as TAC PAC and the green mile to help with student’s mental wealth. Each week we will be celebrating the student’s achievements.
Citizenship In citizenship this term we will be looking at what makes us a good citizen and what are our rights and responsibilities. We will be using variety resources.
Citizenship – Home learning opportunities Exploring ideas of a rights and responsibilities in and around the home.
PE All pupils have access to two PE lessons each week, one indoor and one indoor lesson.

Indoor: Fitness: Pupils will start to consider different activities for different areas of fitness. This will involve using gym equipment and designing programmes

PE – Home learning opportunities To find out about different activities that are important as part of a healthy lifestyle
Food Technology BTEC Students will be learning to cook eggs in a variety of different ways, fried, scrambled, poached, omelette demonstrating good health and safety throughout.
Food Technology – Home learning opportunities Research different types of eggs. Go to the supermarket and note the different types. eg battery, free range, barn eggs, organic eggs etc  Find out what the labels mean. look on the website at information on eggs and recipies.
Others (Feel free to write other subjects in this box i.e. Maths, RE) RE- we will be exploring the rites of passage and looking at different religions and what their rites of passages are and looking at what we celebrate throughout our lives.


WRL- We will be completing our e- profiles and completing ASDAN modules for self- development.


In Year 10CMc we will be completing our transition files and celebrating what they have learnt each term.


Year 9                  2016-2017

DATE 23/03/17

In “How Does it Work” we are making collages with different materials like magazines and tissue paper. We create them every Wednesday with Gillian. In English we have been continuing with our phonics and reading. We have Food Tech every Thursday and we are learning about pastry. We have been making different types of pastry; such as puff pastry, filo pastry and short crust pastry. On Fridays we have been doing athletics with two sports coaches. Lizzy and Tom teach us how to sprint, throw javelin, hammer and shot put. It is lots of fun. Army Day was awesome. We especially enjoyed the obstacle courses.

DATE: 10/10/16

Recently Osborne School took part in a whole school “Bake Off” in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. 9BR were very enthusiastic in their approach and a great deal of debate and discussions took place in advance. We watched some clips about the charity and the excellent work they do; then we watched a bit of the real “Bake Off” for inspiration. We went for a spiced apple cake and did some preparatory drawings for what we thought would be a good design. The class worked brilliantly as a team, helping each other and sharing skills and ideas.

The final creation had thick jam in the middle and sported a poppy seed infused icing with glace cherries on top. We didn’t win but had good fun making it (and tasting it after judging finished!). Paul Hollywood has competition!!!

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