Year 10


What we are learning this term in Year 10

English Caroline’s group – We will be exploring creative reading and writing, through reading a range of texts from pre-20th century, 20th and 21st century on the theme of Adventures, including those based on other cultures and traditions. Pupils will develop written skills to describe, imagine and entertain. They will continue to develop their knowledge of spelling rules, practise spelling of high frequency words and learn about using punctuation and paragraphing as well as how to proof read and edit their own work.

Heidi’s group Detectives Unit – we will explore non fiction report writing using Sherlock Holmes – the Hound of the Baskervilles as our class text.  We will be working on developing the class’ written and spoken skills recalling and recounting details from the story.

Anne’s group: Discovering vocabulary to do with exploring and investigating.  Basic phonics work and describing using senses.

English – Home learning opportunities Caroline’s group – please continue to ensure that your child learns their high frequency spellings and corrections in their diary each week as well as this will be fundamental to their confidence in independent writing. Also, please ensure they try to complete a Rapid Plus activity each week online (if they do not have a computer, they can do this in school or bring home a library book – please let me know, if needed) Please also contact me, if they have forgotten their password!

HH/ALP: When out and about with your young person please use descriptive vocabulary and encourage recalling and recounting of events.

Maths 10HH: We will be learning about measurements using standard and non-standard units of measurement.

10ALP:  Completing units on time.

10BD: Pupils will be completing their AQA Entry Level Certificate Tests and ensuring all their year 10 coursework is up to date.

Maths – Home learning opportunities If out and about use descriptive vocabulary to describe distance and encourage your young person to do the same – g.e near far, larger than smaller than, higher than lower than etc.

Check in with the time during the day and encourage them to link it to everyday activities such as lunch/dinner etc.

Life Skills We are learning about world famous buildings and landscapes and using this topic to develop research skills.  We will also be building our own models of these landmarks using a variety of mediums.

Group 2 will be completing their independence unit focussing on different elements such as personal hygiene, hygiene in the kitchen and making a simple snack.

Life Skills – Home learning opportunities When out and about or looking at books or TV please encourage talk and description of these landmarks especially if you have visited any of these in the past – for example. Big Ben, Eiffel Tower, Tower of London, Sydney Harbour Bridge etc.

Encourage your young person to help out in the kitchen and talk about personal hygiene and hygiene in the kitchen.

Science Energy transfer and efficiency
Science – Home learning opportunities BBC Bitesize Science
Computing 10BD pupils will be carrying out a Level 1 assessment as part of the Level 1 ICT OCR course. They will be tested in all the key areas of ICT.


10ALP pupils will be continuing creating an e-safety campaign that includes a film and a leaflet.

Computing – Home learning opportunities Pupils can use a series of websites to enhance their skills at home.

and for e-safety for your young people you can find information HERE

PSD We will be focusing on relationships and appropriateness. Practising how we greet certain people and what the differences are between our family relationships and other people we know.
PSD – Home learning opportunities Talk about how we greet and speak to people.
Citizenship We are continuing to look at Rights and responsibilities and inspirational figures – people who have fought for others’ rights such as Nelson Mandela for example.
Citizenship – Home learning opportunities When out and about talk about how people’s right and respecting them is very important in different situations.
PE Indoor: Kwik Cricket; Racket Skills; Develop game play and skill selection linked with other sports. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop understanding of tactics and play competitive games and matches. In addition pupils will have support from Tennis coaches from Riverpark Lesiure Centre linking with club on Thursday evenings

Outdoor: Athletics; Preparation for sports day. Pupils will have the opportunity to take part in all aspects of athletics including throwing, jumping and running. The aim will be to focus on technique for competition. Pupils will also have the opportunity to assess each other, looking at areas of strength and improvement.

RE We will continue with our Transition Challenge accreditations and looking at different symbols for different religions and why they are important.


We will be focussing on ‘Charity’. Looking at worldwide charities and local ones. Finding out about what they do and how we can support them ourselves.

RE – Home learning opportunities When out and about look for symbols of different religions eg on buildings – crosses, star of David etc.



Food Technology Students will be planning and organising a coffee morning/ afternoon. You will be invited to school for tea or coffee to be served by your child and sample some snacks they have made.


Food Technology – Home learning opportunities Home learning – Research the Macmilian website to find out about their annual event, The worlds biggest coffee morning.  Practise making hot drinks.


Hello everyone and welcome to Year 10!

We hope all pupils enjoy this final half-term before the summer break. Please keep checking this page as we will update it with the progress of your pupils in their lessons and learning opportunities.

All of this will be lead by your year 10 Teachers Heidi Hack, Anne-Louise Peterson and Ben Dlugokecki, who will be supported by Learning Support Assistants Ashley Turner, Nicole Johns, Thea Maxted-Pettman. Stewart Lang is the Head of KS4.  Please do not hesitate in contacting any of us at any time either on the school number or via email.

Kind Regards

The Year 10 Team



10HH DATE: 04/04/17

10HH have been doing really well with their golden mile and have enjoyed going out most days to complete 2-3 laps of the school field.  So far Taylor and Didi are in the lead with 4.35 miles each.  It has been so lovely getting out in the Spring sunshine for a bit of exercise.

Most people in our class find it quite to walk this far so it is an enormous achievement that they have done so well.  Brilliant work 10HH – keep up the footsteps!

10BD DATE: 6/1/17

Today in Mental wealth we learnt the excitement, joy and pleasure you can get from working as part of a dynamic team. Three groups created a bridge across two tables with only a small amount of resources. Each bridge was able to hold over 500kg of weight.

10ALP DATE: 16/11/16

10ALP had a fantastic time with the army on Thursday afternoon taking part in activities and challenges linked to Hamlet and other areas of their learning. They enjoyed crawling through all the camouflaging area and practising their target skills!


10BD DATE: 12/10/16

Today pupils in 10BD used two applications – and Publisher – to create their own wanted posters. They had to demonstrate their ability to:

  • Choose appropriate Fonts for a task
  • Choose appropriate effects for a task
  • Save files in correct places

10BD DATE: 5/10/16

In 10BD’s mental wealth lessons we have been discussing, debating and engaging with the ‘best’ and ‘hardest’ things about being human. Pupils broke into three groups – one group of ladies, and two of men. They then created short plays and presentations – highlighting the wonderful things and the difficulties of being different sexes. Pupils demonstrated confidence, teamwork and co-operation.

10HH DATE: 23/9/16

In the bright September sunshine we released our class butterflies into the memorial garden which still has lots of flowers for them to drink  nectar from.  All the pupils loved seeing the beautiful coloured butterflies and each pupil even managed to hold them before they flew away – a magical end to our class butterfly project.

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