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Archive 2018-2019

Summer 2 Blog 10BD – Today we had our transition day for 10BD/10GJ pupils who are staying at Osborne School after the summer. Today we learnt about rollercoasters and we built/designed our own!

Summer 1 Blog 10GJ

We all enjoyed our Easter break. We spent time with family, went bowling, visited exciting places like Harry Potter World and ate quite a few Easter Eggs. We enjoyed the wonderful weather and came back to school refreshed and ready to learn.

Now we are coming towards the end of Year 10, we are working hard and will be doing formal assessments in English, Maths and Science. Some of these will count towards Entry Level qualifications. However, we are still enjoying our learning. We started our new Friday Options. Jamie, Caitlin and Gemma enjoyed Sensory Art. Matthew and Liam did Horticulture with Gabe. Evie did Movement and Relaxation with Heidi and Aimee-Rose went over to the college for Makaton choir. Grace did Pets for Life and is looking forward to meeting some real animals in future lessons.

10GJ Class Blog – Autumn 1

Our class all really enjoyed our summer holidays. Many of us went away to some exciting places such as Derbyshire and even as far away as Florida. We are glad to be back at school and are excited about the coming year. As our classroom is the Science Room we have plenty of space. We have some new resources, including a sensory box and fine motor skill activities.

There are a number of changes now that we are in Key Stage 4. We have started our Options and have been doing a wide range of activities such as cooking, horticulture, performing arts and ICT. We have also started Work Related Learning with new teacher James Wharton. We will be working hard to gain qualifications across the curriculum.

We are looking forward to several exciting things happening later this term. In October we will be having Red, White and Blue Day to celebrate the centenary of the First World War. There will also be sports tournaments and musical trips with Rubiks Cube, and after half-term it will be Shakespeare Schools Festival.

2017-2018 Archive

Summer 2 How Does It Work curriculum day- Rockets!

9BR enjoyed the HDIW day taking part in Rocket themed activities. Having created their rockets, things got quite competitive with the girls trying to beat the boys in how far their rockets would travel! They did however all remain friends!

BLOG  9BR   –   Spring Term 2018

On 6th February we all took part in ICT day. We were asked to look at creating an avatar to keep us safer on social media. We created ‘Polly’. We discussed how to be safe and how to be kind and considerate to others. We created posters with guidelines for safe behaviour online. We demonstrated excellent teamwork and had a great day.

6/11/17 The Tempest
9BR have enjoyed learning the story of The Tempest. We liked hearing about life in Shakespeare’s day and about the Globe Theatre. We have explored the characters in the play and created designs for Ariel, as if we were stage directors putting on a play ourselves. We have also been learning about storms at sea, looking at Tessellating shapes in Maths and creating our own storm pictures in Let’s Get Creative. A great week!

2016-2017 Archive

Date: 30/06/2017

Despite the sports day being cancelled due to poor weather, year 8 had a great time in the hall completing assault courses, kindly led and set up by the Army.

As part of our Mental wealth and SRE lessons, the year 8 girls thoroughly enjoyed their ‘Pamper’ afternoon. Bubbling foot spas, magazines, and nail painting were the main activities.

Date: 27/06/17

Summer term has already been packed full of exciting experiences in year 8.

As part of citizenship, our local community support officers came into school. Pupils took part in a question and answer session and enjoyed looking at the vehicle they brought in.

Also in Citizenship we enjoyed planning and creating products to sell at the summer fete. All pupils were involved throughout in the various different aspects of the project and thoroughly engaged which was fantastic to see.

In English we have been studying a poem by Alfred Noyes called ‘The Highwayman’. We are currently working hard in groups to make our own production of this poem. Watch this space to see the finished films at the end of term.

In Mental Wealth we have continued to talk about mindfulness, and experienced calming and relaxing music and activities.

We are all very much looking forward to sports day at the end of term, hopefully the weather stays dry for us.


Date: 28/03/17

Year 8 have been very busy indeed!

Our Science curriculum day had the theme of ‘Change’. It was interesting discovering how colour extracts from Skittles sweets when placed in water. We couldn’t help taste a few first though!

A selection of pupils went to Solent University to take part in a Multi Ball skills festival alongside Shepherds Down school. A multi-sensory experience was delivered by Youth Leaders currently studying sports science at a local college. The pupils played ball based games for two hours non-stop and showed fantastic team work and support of each other.

In LGC our clay work has been fired and we have painted our individual creations ready to put in our ‘Under the Sea’ Dioramas. Thank you to all who managed to provide a shoe box.

We had a great time when the army came to visit us last week, dressing up and joining in with various other army style activities.
Not forgetting ‘Wear something red’ for Red Nose Day too…. Thank you to all who donated money to this charity.

Spring 2: We hope you all had a good half term week. Since being back the pupils have been working hard as usual.

Citizenship: Focussing on the Police and Law then in particular looking at CSI police. We had fun taking finger prints and discussing what happens when arrested.
LCG: Fantastic clay work that has been fired and ready to paint for our Dioramas.
World Book Day: We designed new covers for the book ‘Holes’ and acted out scenes and chapters read so far.
Golden Mile! Yes we have started tallying up our laps of the field for the Golden Mile initiative.


Spring 1: Year 8 have had a great first half of the spring term. All are thoroughly enjoying studying the book ‘Holes’ in English and are currently working on news flash presentations warning us about ‘Deadly yellow spotted lizards’. All worked hard on their posters too.

In Citizenship we have been looking at ‘Rules and Laws’. All were very safe and sensible when we went out of school to investigate signs for both pedestrians and road users.

In Let’s Get Creative we are using different artist’s mediums to create under water images. The shoe boxes we have asked for are going to become mini sculptures of underwater sea life. The work produced is so far is stunning. Well done year 8!

Mental Wealth has been an opportunity for the pupils to discuss emotions and in particular focussing on Anger. All really enjoyed investigating different strategies to express and manage anger. Painting and drawing proved to be a popular choice

img_3785 img_3789 img_3945 img_3946 img_3947 img_3948

DATE: 16/1/17

Year 8 have enjoyed starting to read the book ‘Holes’ for this term in English. We mapped out on the classroom floor the size of the holes to be dug in Camp Green Lake from the story; 5 feet wide by 5 feet deep!  The students really enjoyed learning what their names would be if spelt backwards. Stanley Yelnats the main character in the book has quite a unique name.

In citizenship we played games without rules to experience why it is so important that we need rules and laws.

Overall a great start to the new term by all.

img_2241 img_3640


Year 8 worked together in Maths to create Hamlets castle using 3D shapes during Shakespeare week.

We all studied the characters in citizenship and acted out scenes of the play in small groups.

In ‘How does it work’ we all made a 3D paper skull….”Alas,  poor Yorick!”

DATE: 26/10/16

In RE year 8 have made colourful Divali Candles from clay whilst studying ‘Light & Sikhism’ this half term.

In Maths we moved on from 2D shapes to 3D. Each student made a selection of shapes which we will now investigate properties of and measurements.

DATE: 20/10/16

8LH showed great observational skills with paint this week looking at animal print in LGC.

img_2876 img_2992

8LH and 8KH got together for ‘money sense’ day and visited Pets Corner. We were investigating the cost of owning a pet. Lisa decided she’s not going to buy a dog now after all!

dsc_2818 dsc_2831

DATE: 8/10/16

Another fun week in Maths! Investigating measurements and shape…

DATE: 5/10/16

8LH won the ‘Healthiest Cake’ prize on the Osborne Bake Off Day.

DATE: 3/10/16

8LH have had a great start to the academic year getting used to new timetables and a new teacher too. They have all enjoyed watching Harry Potter in English and have shown great imaginations when asked what magical powers they would choose to have!

We have been investigating patterns in Lets Get Creative and produced some lovely observational drawings of patterns found in nature.

We have been signing our names and greetings using  Makaton and discussed different ways of communicating in Comms lessons.Taking part in the Macmillan Bake off Day was very exciting and we look forward to finding out how much money we have raised.


Year 8 had an exciting first RE lesson looking at candle light and discussing how it makes us feel. Thoughts and feelings will be recorded in poetry form soon!

DATE: 17/6/16

In the week beginning the 9th May, 7WT and 7KM had the wonderful opportunity to visit Holden Farm. This was our first trip as part of the Countryside Project that we have been working on. On the pupils return they all had to write a newspaper report and a thank you letter to Anna and Charlie who organised the activities at the farm. Read a report by Ellie Yeatman below to find out what the pupils got up to.

Year 7 trip to Holden farm!

On Tuesday 10th May, Year 7 pupils at Osborne School, went to Holden farm in Cheriton. We got there by the Osborne bus. When we got there, we went to the hall and we met the people who were teaching us about the farm. First we did wheat grinding for the bread. When we finished the wheat grinding we then kneaded our bread for 10 minutes. When we finished making the bread we moved on to looking at the tractor. Everyone had a go on the tractor. I loved looking at the tractor. The name of the tractor was John Dere.

After the tractor we split into groups. The first group went to have a look at the sheep and then the other group went to make a sheep out of wool. After we did our first activity for the sheep, we then swapped around to have a look at the sheep and lambs. When we had done the activities for the sheep we went to have our lunch in the hall.

After our lunch we ran up a big field full of wheat. Charlie told us a little bit about the big field. After that we then went in a barn. While we were in the barn, Charlie said to us to be quiet because up in the barn there were some owls. Finally, we went out of the barn went to another field to do a bug hunt. When we were doing the bug hunt we found a frog and slugs.

When we finished doing the bug hunt we then collected the bread that we made and said thank you to the farmers. We hopped on the bus and we went back to Osborne School. I really enjoyed the day.


Welcome back to the Summer Term! This term we will be continuing with our Countryside Learning Project that we started last term. We have already been out to the garden and checked on our sunflowers and potatoes. The children were very pleased to see the shoots of the potatoes were just peeping through the soil ready to be covered up again and the sunflowers had started to grow. Obviously all those April showers are doing a world of good for our plants! Apart from a caterpillar munching Lucy’s sunflower, they are coming along well. Here we are repotting the sunflowers.

In Science we are learning about what all living things do and we have just started an investigation to see if plants sense. We all planted a runner bean seed which we then placed under an up turned box, where we had cut away one side. The children had to predict whether the bean will grow towards the light or towards the dark. We will have to wait and see for the results!

As the project is cross curricular we have linked it to as many lessons as possible. In art we are looking at the work of Friedrich Hundertwasser. He believed that in nature there are no straight lines and his art demonstrates this. Last week we went on a hunt for natural objects with spirals in them such as snail shells and pine cones. We all then had a go at producing Hundertwassers ‘Lollipop Trees’. Have a look at our pictures below.

DATE: 21/3/16

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here in Year 7 with lots of cross curricular learning opportunities taking place that have linked nicely with our countryside project. On the 3rd March it was World Book Day and so we each created a story setting shoe box linked to a countryside environment. We all had great fun and look forward to using the scenes in some creative story writing later on in the term. Can you work out the settings for these shoe box scenes?

It was also our Science Curriculum Day on the 15th March and the theme was ‘Space’. This involved indoor and outdoor space as well as up there with the moon and stars space! We made the most of the sunshine and enjoyed exploring our fantastic outdoor space that we have here. We went down to the woods and went on a spring nature hunt, finding different signs of spring. You can have a go at home if you like by visiting We then each chose an animal to make a den for using natural materials that we found in the environment. I think the pupils were extremely creative and some great little dens were made for the different creatures that were chosen. Have a look at some of the dens that were created.

We have also begun growing our first plants in the schools garden. We each planted a sunflower seed and learnt about what a plant needs in order to grow. We each chose a place that we thought would be a perfect spot to grow a sunflower. All we need to do now is wait and record the changes that happen as it grows. I wonder whose will be the tallest.

We have had plenty of discussions about what is living and non – living after using a potato as a starting point for our discussion. A few thought the potato was non-living to start with. Zach suggested the potato was non-living until it was put in the ground and then it became living and grew baby potatoes, which was a pretty good suggestion and by the end of the discussion we all had a good understanding of what is living and non-living. Hopefully if the weather stays fine this week we shall get out and plant our potatoes!

Alresford and District Agricultural Shows Countryside Project 2016

DATE: 29/2/16

Year 7 have signed up to be part of the ‘Alresford and District Agricultural Shows Countryside Project 2016’. The project runs throughout the Spring and Summer terms of 2016 and culminates in a display of project work in the education marquee at the Alresford and District Agricultural Show on Saturday 3rd September 2016.

The enthusiastic teachers in Year 7 persuaded the Head teacher to allow us to carry out a 12 week project, with all our curriculum subjects themed towards learning about the countryside and the natural environment.

This week was our launch of the project with the pupils working hard to get our vegetable beds ready for sowing and planting. As part of the project we have to grow our own potatoes, with the heaviest crop being crowned winners when we visit Manor Farm, Twyford in June! We will also have to grow lettuce and use the produce in a cooking activity of our choice. Any top gardening tips will be much appreciated!

The Year 7 team hope to update our ‘How’s it growing?’ blog each week with photos and write ups about how the project is going, so watch out for our next update!


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