Year 11

What we are learning this term in Year 11

The project this half term will be to design and make food for a 5th birthday party. Students will be involved in planning and making suitable healthy choices. These might include finger sandwiches, mini wraps, mini pizzas, flapjacks and fruit kebabs.

English Fiction and Non-fiction reading and writing practice and mock exams for Level 1 and GCSE exams. Following 1:1 intervention programmes for reading and spelling, where applicable.
English – Home learning opportunities Use the BBC Bitesize website to improve skills, vocabulary and comprehension.
Maths Pupils in 11BD have split into two groups – Entry Level Practice and GCSE Maths. Pupils in the EL group are focusing on functional mathematics – money, time and calendar.  The GCSE group are revising for their mocks and focusing on the level 1/2 grade boundaries.
Maths – Home learning opportunities Use the website My Maths to further learning.
Science Many of our Key Stage 4 pupils are working towards their Entry Level Science qualification. They are currently undertaking a Chemistry component which looks at the Earth and the Atmosphere. They have covered the origins of the atmosphere, the carbon cycle and how human activities are affecting the atmosphere. Future lessons will involve more practical chemistry, looking at reactions of acids with metals.  Year 11s have been experimenting with acids and indicators and observing the colour changes.
Science – Home learning opportunities Information coming soon
Computing Pupils to complete the controlled assessments and practice key skills for their computing accreditation.
Computing – Home learning opportunities Pupils can use a series of websites to enhance their skills at home.

and for e-safety for your young people you can find information HERE

WRL Pupils will be completing a unit about Work experience. They will learn how to prepare, how to plan and how to have a successful interview.
Mental Wealth Pupils in 11BD will be completing their AQA Unit Award in Mental Health. Pupils will learn ways of maintaining good mental wealth.
PE Indoor: Football: Pupils will be developing and demonstrating their skills, application of skills and understanding of performance. They will start to investigate rules and have the opportunity to officiate and coach activities

Indoor; Basketball; Pupils will be learning about all aspects of the sport including key skills, game play, coaching and officiating. The focus this half term will be game play, peers and self-assessment and identifying areas of strength and improvement. This module will be towards OCR Entry Level PE team sports and will allow pupils to choose and area of interest within the sport

Food Technology This half term we will be planning and running a coffee morning/ afternoon in The School Café. We will practise making hot and cold drinks, cakes and biscuits. We will learn about serving customers.
Food Technology – Home learning opportunities Practise making tea and coffee in different size mugs and cups to learn how much of each ingredient is needed.



11HH Spring 1 Science

In Science 11HH have been learning about everyday materials and the pupils really enjoyed our lesson today learning about acids we use in the kitchen.  Using a red cabbage indicator we mushed up the cabbage and turned the water purple and then dripped in some lemon juice, lime juice and vinegar to see what would happen to the colour of the water.  the pupils were thrilled to see the water turn from purple to various shades of bright pink.  We found out that vinegar turned the water dark pink and the lime juice was next strongest with a rich shade of bright pink.  The lemon juice was next with a lighter bright pink.  We are completing several Unit awards to support our Science learning through Transition Challenge which is the main accreditation in our class.



11HH Christmas Tree Competition Autumn 2

For our annual school Christmas Tree Competition the class chose to make our own tree (out of real bits of fir tree and cardboard) to describe what Christmas meant to them.  Around the tree we put in symbols the words the class signed or said about their Christmas.  They were: fun, laughter, family, friends, being together, sharing, taking turns, food and presents.  Everyone in the class contributed. Unfortunately we did not win the competition but with words like that I think the class are already winning!  We also used the designing and making of the tree as our Design and Technology unit for our Transition Challenge accreditation. 

Year 10    2016-2017

10HH DATE: 04/04/17

10HH have been doing really well with their golden mile and have enjoyed going out most days to complete 2-3 laps of the school field.  So far Taylor and Didi are in the lead with 4.35 miles each.  It has been so lovely getting out in the Spring sunshine for a bit of exercise.

Most people in our class find it quite to walk this far so it is an enormous achievement that they have done so well.  Brilliant work 10HH – keep up the footsteps!

10BD DATE: 6/1/17

Today in Mental wealth we learnt the excitement, joy and pleasure you can get from working as part of a dynamic team. Three groups created a bridge across two tables with only a small amount of resources. Each bridge was able to hold over 500kg of weight.

10ALP DATE: 16/11/16

10ALP had a fantastic time with the army on Thursday afternoon taking part in activities and challenges linked to Hamlet and other areas of their learning. They enjoyed crawling through all the camouflaging area and practising their target skills!


10BD DATE: 12/10/16

Today pupils in 10BD used two applications – and Publisher – to create their own wanted posters. They had to demonstrate their ability to:

  • Choose appropriate Fonts for a task
  • Choose appropriate effects for a task
  • Save files in correct places

10BD DATE: 5/10/16

In 10BD’s mental wealth lessons we have been discussing, debating and engaging with the ‘best’ and ‘hardest’ things about being human. Pupils broke into three groups – one group of ladies, and two of men. They then created short plays and presentations – highlighting the wonderful things and the difficulties of being different sexes. Pupils demonstrated confidence, teamwork and co-operation.

10HH DATE: 23/9/16

In the bright September sunshine we released our class butterflies into the memorial garden which still has lots of flowers for them to drink  nectar from.  All the pupils loved seeing the beautiful coloured butterflies and each pupil even managed to hold them before they flew away – a magical end to our class butterfly project.

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