Year 7

7LWA – Spring 2 Blog

This half term in HDIW we have been exploring textiles! We have been looking at and finding out about what different textiles are made from, how they are made and what they can be used for. We have investigated the properties of a range of textiles and thought about how they look and feel.

Next we looked into how colour can be added to textiles to change them. First we used natural dyes like beetroot and turmeric to change the colours of our sample fabric. Then we moved on to learning how to use a tie dye technique to produce a range of different effects, including a bulls eye, a star burst, folding and a scrunch!

Then we used our preferred technique to tie dye a t-shirt.

Finally we evaluated our finished products! We were all very pleased with the results! We think you’ll agree that they look fantastic!

7HCKP – Spring 1 Blog

In Science, 7HCKP have been learning about light. We have been investigating how light travels, how we see light and the light spectrum. We used string to represent how light travels in a straight line from an light source to an object and then to our eye.We then used prisms to make rainbows, showing how light is a spectrum of colours. We will move on to learning more about reflection, refraction and the human eye.

7HHLT – Spring 1 Blog

In Mental Wealth the class really enjoyed meeting the puppets and using them to practise communication skills such as greeting, taking turns, asking for items and thanking each other. Many of the class were delighted to make the Osborne puppets acquaintance! We will be meeting them regularly to practise our social skills and to just have fun! Our Mental Wealth are last thing on a Friday afternoon and we explore lots of issues such as social skills, looking after ourselves, emotions, ways to calm down and team building.

7LW – Spring 1 Blog

7LWa have been investigating light in our Science lessons this half term. We have been identifying sources of light, investigating how shadows change and finding out about how our eyes work.

We made pin hole cameras and had lots of fun using them to think about how light travels and why the image seen on the camera was upside down!

7HCKP – Autumn 2 Blog

In LGC the pupils have been learning about wreaths. With Christmas looming the pupils researched, designed and made their very own Christmassy themed wreath – they had great fun making them!

7HHLT – Autumn 2 Blog

In English during Autumn 2, 7HHLT have been learning about Myths and Legends. We have explored the stories of Medusa, King Arthur and the Sword in the stone, Hercules, Saint George and King Midas. All of the stories have been explored in a sensory way with lots of music too, helping to engage all of our pupils. The pupils particularly enjoyed making their own Medusa heads complete with paper snakes, and dressing up as Saint George and King Arthur, learning about Knights and Heroes and Villains as well.

7LW – Autumn Blog 2

This half term 7LW have been working scientifically to investigate materials.

We have looked at familiar materials such as wood, metal and plastic and sorted objects according to what they are made of.

Then we described some of the properties of different materials and gone on to explain how the properties of a material make it suitable for different uses e.g. metal is strong so is used to build bridges.

We have used a light bulb and battery to test which materials conduct electricity and investigated whether some metals conduct heat better than others.

7HHLT – Autumn 1 Blog

Class 7HHLT have done incredibly well in adjusting to their new school, new class, new staff and new routines.  We have been having all sorts of new experiences and are now beginning to settle into Osborne routines.  Most of the class knew each other from Shepherds Down (even though they were in different classes) which has been a big help in getting to know each other and settling as a new class group.  We recently welcomed a new addition into our class and have eight pupils, our three lovely LSA’s Georgia, Megan and Liliana and the week is split between Lucy Tabor (Monday, Tuesday,) and Heidi Hack (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).

7LW Autumn 1 Blog

Hello! We are 7LW and are settling in well to our new school and coping with the challenges of moving on to the next phase of education.

This term we are exploring Number in Maths lessons, writing instructions in English, our senses in Science and getting to grips with all sorts of new and exciting subjects such as Where are we going, where do we come from (our Humanities based subject), Let’s get Creative (Art), How does it work? (DT),Sex and relationships education (parents will be receiving a letter about this shortly), Citizenship, RE, Mental Wealth and our fun Friday Options.We have been very busy getting to know each other and our new surroundings.


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