Year 7

What we are learning this term in Year 7

English In English our new topic is Myths and Legends. We will be developing our knowledge of Greek Myths and exploring Local Legends. We will be writing our own Myths creating mythical creatures, heroes and heroines.
English – Home learning opportunities Research myths and legends using the internet or your local library. Explore mythical characters- you could design your own. Read or watch Greek myths at home such as Medusa or King Midas.
Maths We continue to work on the four strands of maths and develop our skills in number, shape space and measure, handling data and using and applying.
Maths – Home learning opportunities Use and apply monetary skills when out in the community.

Students can count and add objects in the environment- autumn leaves, trees, cutlery, books. To extend this students could multiply the amounts and work out different calculations and find the difference.

Find and match objects on a shopping list and match prices.

Science We will be learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. Investigating different materials and how they can change with heating and cooling.
Science – Home learning opportunities Sort objects into the categories solids, liquids and gases. Make rice crispie/ cornflake cakes experiencing and discussing how the chocolate changes from a solid to a liquid and back to a solid.

Dry some washing outside and discuss/ explore/ experience how the liquid evaporates.

Computing Pupils will be completing and presenting their ‘All About Me’ presentations learning how to add sound, animation and video to a document.
Computing – Home learning opportunities Pupils can use a series of websites to enhance their skills at home.

and for e-safety for your young people you can find information HERE

Mental Wealth We continue to develop our mental wealth. We develop relaxation strategies, learn through themes and celebrate weekly achievements. We learn about emotions, achievements, relationships and strategies to help regulation.
Mental Wealth – Home learning opportunities Explore relaxation time at home. Find and choose pieces of music that you like. Go out and explore the environment space and fresh air.

Encourage talk about emotions and making choices.

Play turn taking games.

Sharing personal belongings and food out.

Citizenship We will be learning about remembrance and symbols of remembrance. We will be developing our knowledge of charity and helping others.
Citizenship – Home learning opportunities Working to be helpful- choose a weekly/ daily job to help around the home. Create a list that you can tick off. Discuss how being helpful is part of your responsibility- within your home environment.
PE All pupils will have access to two PE lessons each week, consisting of 1 indoor and 1 outdoor lesson.

During the indoor lesson pupils will learning skills required to play a variety of net and wall games, for example tennis, volleyball and badminton

During the outdoor lesson pupils will be developing the skills required for invasion games including football, rugby and handball.

Pupils will also have the opportunity to participate in the Golden Mile

PE – Home learning opportunities To develop knowledge of different sports encouraging participation in leading a healthy lifestyle
Others (Feel free to write other subjects in this box i.e. Maths, RE) We have been working really hard on the Shakespeare Schools festival! All our learning this week has been based around Hamlet and Shakespeare. The students have had a great opportunities for learning across the curriculum from creating Tudor food to dressing up as King Hamlet.

7LH- 17/11/17

After a week off for half term we were straight back into a fun filled week of Shakespeare. This year’s focus was The Tempest and every lesson that week was linked to the play. We made a ‘Storm in a Bottle’ in Science, a ‘Raincloud in a jar’ in HDIW, created stunning stormy sea tessellation patterns in maths, made puppets of the main characters in Citizenship, mapped out Prospero’s Island in WGWCF, and in English we completed many tasks to fully experience and understand the play. Phew!

Last week we experienced Army Day. Fun assault and challenge courses were led by Army soldiers and we were privileged to see them march in the school grounds and all take part in a two-minute silence ahead of Remembrance Day. Several lessons were also linked to Remembrance Day and some wonderful pieces of work produced.

We also experienced taking part in an art workshop based on the artist Turner and his dramatic water colour paintings. All thoroughly enjoyed exploring painting techniques and painted beautiful pieces of art.

7KP 19/11/17

Every Wednesday 7KP visit the local church cafe and the Discovery centre. This fun, active learning experience within the community is allowing the pupils the opportunities to develop their road safety awareness skills, speaking and listening skills and use of money skills in a real life context.

Autumn 1
Wow what an amazing start for those in 7LH!
Since the start of term we have all have settled wonderfully and completed so much work. It has been fun exploring the school and learning so many new routines.
Bake off day challenged the students to design and make an ‘Illusion Cake’ and Robbie won a certificate for the best design idea.
We enjoyed picking apples in the college grounds as part of our RE lessons looking at changes with a focus that day on the change in seasons.
English was all about following and writing instructions. We all really enjoyed the opportunity to make cakes again and write a recipe for someone else to follow. We also dressed up as pirates when we followed instructions to find the treasure.
Maths has included investigating 2D and 3d shapes, area, number bonds and simple addition.
All had fun in science too when we investigated our Five Senses. We played in the outdoor music area to make different sounds.
A busy half term gone and another just started with an exciting week of Shakespeare.
More to follow in a couple of weeks!

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