Year 7

What we are learning this term in Year 7

English Our topic this half term is persuasive writing, focusing on adverts, advertisement and the language used within them. This will lead on to pupils designing their own product and creating an advert for it, using the skills and language developed throughout lessons. They will then be looking at information texts and how to use various parts of a non-fiction book to find desired information. This will lead in to creating a whole class information text about a topic of choice.


In literacy we will be visiting the school library, continuing with the dockside reading scheme, completing various activities related to our weekly spellings and some phonics based activities to enhance our reading and writing skills.

English – Home learning opportunities Encourage your young person to identify persuasive language used within various different adverts – including radio, TV and magazines.


Continue with weekly spellings if your young person has them.

Maths 7KH – Will be covering money, identifying coins, exchanging coins for items, working out totals and change. Then moving on to time, looking at o’clock and half past; and continuing to develop understanding of the concept of time – completing activities in a given length of time etc…


7KP –Will be covering shape. This will involve working with various 2D and 3D shapes and understanding their properties and linking to real life objects. Whilst others will be working with angles, measuring of various angles and learning the importance of this. Then moving onto Area and Perimeter.


7LH – Will be covering time, looking at time in intervals of 5 and 10 minutes. Exploring and developing understanding of the concept of time. Comparing analogue and digital clocks; and solving time word problems.

Maths – Home learning opportunities 7KH – Encourage your young person to identify coins within real life contexts, and use them to pay for items in shops. Talk to your young person about the different times of the day we do certain activities, and how long for. Help your pupil to identify the hour and half past on an analogue and digital clock.


7KP – Go on a shape walk with your young person and encourage them to identify the different 2D and 3D shapes that they see and see if they can recall any specific properties that they might have. Encourage your young person to locate as many right, obtuse and acute angles that they can see within the home environment.


7LH – Talk to your young person about the different times of the day we do certain activities, and how long for. Help your pupil to identify the time on an analogue and digital clock.

Science Year 7 will be studying light during the first half of the Spring Term. This will involve looking and shadows and reflections through to studying the structure and function of the eye. After half term they will be looking at variation and classification of living things. They will be sorting living things from non-living and understanding what defines life. They will then be looking at sorting plants and animals into different groups based on characteristics and ideas of adaptation to the environment will be introduced.
Science – Home learning opportunities Identify light sources within your home, and the environment; talk about the purpose of them, and how they work.

Use a light source to create shadows – hand puppets, or with objects. Encourage your young person to see if they can change the size of the shadow.

Identify objects within the home, and the environment that are opaque, transparent, translucent and reflective.

Computing In Computing pupils are learning about using a Desktop Publishing Application to design a leaflet about Winchester.
Computing – Home learning opportunities Pupils can use a series of websites to enhance their skills at home.

and for e-safety for your young people you can find information HERE

SRE 7KH and 7LH – Will be looking at all the different ways we can keep our bodies healthy. This will include identifying, sorting and sampling healthy and non-healthy foods. Identifying and experiencing different forms of exercises including walking, running, football and the use of the outdoor gym equipment. We will also look at personal hygiene and how we keep ourselves clean and healthy.

7KP – Understanding our differences including physical and emotional differences and how to be accepting and positive towards others whom we see as different from ourselves.

SRE – Home learning opportunities 7KH and 7LH – Discuss with your young person different ways they can stay healthy. Take your young person food shopping and identify foods that are healthy and un-healthy. Encourage your young person to try new healthy foods. Discuss with your young person they different ways they currently exercise, and encourage them to come up with a new way that you could try together as a family.

7KP – Discuss how your young person may be different from their siblings and other family members. Encourage your young person to engage and share different interests to help their understanding. Look at family photos and identify physical differences as well as personal differences in terms of likes and dislikes.

Mental Wealth 7KH and 7LH – Our focus for mental wealth this half term is our emotions. We are exploring these around the film Inside Out. Will be watching the film together, and then discussing the different characters within in and what they represent. We will then look at each character and emotion individually. We will share our own personal experiences of that emotion, and the different things that make us feel that way. For example when talking about happiness, we will talk about things that make us happy including things we like to do; and then as far as is practicable we will share and experience these things together as a group.

7KP –

Mental Wealth – Home learning opportunities 7KH and 7LH – Watch the film inside out with your young person if possible. Talk about different emotions. Pull faces in the mirror to represent different emotions. Encourage your young person to draw of write about things that make them feel happy, sad or angry. Share photos of happy memories.

7KP –

Citizenship Our topic this half term is the role of Parliament. We will be looking at the houses of parliament, and the role that it has in society today. We will compare the house of commons and the house of Lords; and then look at the Monarchy.


7KH – We will be going on a journey each week to London using a sensory story, where we will explore different landmarks around London, and within the Houses of Parliament. We will be creating tactile map of London, and the different chambers within the houses of Parliament.

Citizenship – Home learning opportunities Encourage your young person to research the houses of parliament; and the history of the houses of parliament. Discuss what happens within the different chambers. Watch videos of inside the houses of parliament. Discuss the roles of the Monarchy, and the houses of parliament.
PE Indoor: Gymnastics; with a focus on body management within the Key Steps Gymnastics programme. This will involve developing pupils core strength and control when moving. Adapted activities will be used with an emphasis on control, posture and where appropriate physio programmes.

Outdoor: Invasion Games: Focus on the skills to work in a team developing individual skills as well as applying them in small conditioned activities or games. Activities will include football, rugby, basketball and netball for this term

Food Technology During the term we will be working on the theme of Bread. We will be learning about the basic ingredients to make bread, and make different breads. We will make savoury and sweet flatbreads and soda bread.
Food Technology – Home learning opportunities Research breads in the supermarket by either going to the shop or on the internet, make a list of different breads or draw them or make a collage of pictures. Find out which country they come from.
HDIW Our topic in HDIW this half term is textiles. We will be exploring a range of different textiles and identifying their characteristics and features. We will then look more closely at how they are made; and different ways we can join them together.
HDIW – Home learning opportunities Explore textiles you find around the home with your young person, encourage them to describe their characteristics and features. Look at how the textiles found are joined together.

7LH- 17/11/17

After a week off for half term we were straight back into a fun filled week of Shakespeare. This year’s focus was The Tempest and every lesson that week was linked to the play. We made a ‘Storm in a Bottle’ in Science, a ‘Raincloud in a jar’ in HDIW, created stunning stormy sea tessellation patterns in maths, made puppets of the main characters in Citizenship, mapped out Prospero’s Island in WGWCF, and in English we completed many tasks to fully experience and understand the play. Phew!

Last week we experienced Army Day. Fun assault and challenge courses were led by Army soldiers and we were privileged to see them march in the school grounds and all take part in a two-minute silence ahead of Remembrance Day. Several lessons were also linked to Remembrance Day and some wonderful pieces of work produced.

We also experienced taking part in an art workshop based on the artist Turner and his dramatic water colour paintings. All thoroughly enjoyed exploring painting techniques and painted beautiful pieces of art.

7KP 19/11/17

Every Wednesday 7KP visit the local church cafe and the Discovery centre. This fun, active learning experience within the community is allowing the pupils the opportunities to develop their road safety awareness skills, speaking and listening skills and use of money skills in a real life context.

Autumn 1
Wow what an amazing start for those in 7LH!
Since the start of term we have all have settled wonderfully and completed so much work. It has been fun exploring the school and learning so many new routines.
Bake off day challenged the students to design and make an ‘Illusion Cake’ and Robbie won a certificate for the best design idea.
We enjoyed picking apples in the college grounds as part of our RE lessons looking at changes with a focus that day on the change in seasons.
English was all about following and writing instructions. We all really enjoyed the opportunity to make cakes again and write a recipe for someone else to follow. We also dressed up as pirates when we followed instructions to find the treasure.
Maths has included investigating 2D and 3d shapes, area, number bonds and simple addition.
All had fun in science too when we investigated our Five Senses. We played in the outdoor music area to make different sounds.
A busy half term gone and another just started with an exciting week of Shakespeare.
More to follow in a couple of weeks!

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