Year 8

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8SH – Spring 1 Blog

This half term we are reading the book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. Stanley Yelnats is sent to Camp Greenlake as a punishment for stealing a pair of sneakers, an allegation he denies. His punishment is to dig a hole measuring 5ft wide by 5ft deep every day for his 18 month sentence. We have enjoyed reading about Stanley and the other boys and have had many interesting discussions about the camp, the punishment given to the boys and about the characters and how they feel. We read Stanley’s letters to his mum where he chose to write about what a wonderful time he was having at the camp and discussed why he didn’t write the truth. We then imagined we were Stanley and wrote our own letters. Some of us chose to tell the truth; others chose to make up a positive and cheerful letter.

In WGWCF we have been learning how to look at maps, recognise key places, use symbols and have learned about grid references.

In HDIW, we are designing marble runs and mazes. We have researched different products, including shop bought marble runs and home made ones. We have designed our own marble run and will be making them using cardboard boxes and tubes. We are also making mazes,firstly using wooden blocks and plastic bricks then using paper plates and art straws.

In LGC, we are learning about sculpture with an underwater theme. We have researched underwater creatures, created collages and will be designing and making a fish using clay. We will complete the unit by creating our own diorama.

In Maths we have been focusing on money. We have been recognising British coins; using different coins to make the same amount of money; adding amounts to find the total, such as on a shopping list, and learning how to calculate change. We will finish the unit by visiting the cafe where students will have the opportunity to buy a snack and drink, choose the coins to pay for their goods and calculate the change they may need.

8BR – Autumn 2 Blog

In WGWCF Year 8s have been learning about Remembrance Day. 8BR learnt about the British Legion and designed posters to support this Charity.

8BR – Autumn 1 Blog

Our pupils had a really enjoyable time on Red, White and Blue Day. We learnt about the D-Day Landings in the 2nd WW. and  the battlefields of The Somme. In the afternoon we learnt about the significance of medals and we designed our own as shown in the attached photo.

8SH Autumn 2 Blog

This term we are writing our autobiographies. We are enjoying learning about ourselves as babies and younger children; about our school days and about funny moments in our lives and we are enjoying sharing some of our memories with each other.

We will also be writing a biography about somebody close to us and are currently writing questionnaires to learn information about that person.

We have been learning about Remembrance and are looking forward to visiting the war memorial at Winchester Cathedral. We held a two minutes silence at school and we were able to see our new remembrance bench for the first time. In RE, we have been thinking about how we remember important occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries as well as learning about what we are remembering at Christmas and Easter.

We have been learning about different emotions and enjoyed Odd Socks Day, where we discussed how we are all different and all important.

We are looking forward to making Christmas decorations and designing our class Christmas tree. As the KS3 reigning champions, we have a lot to live up to 🤔

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7LW Spring 1 Blog

7LW have been very busy this half term. We have been learning about persuasive language in English and have looked at language used in adverts for television, magazines and radio. We designed our own chocolate bar and even made a radio advert about it.

In Maths, we have been learning to tell the time and recognise all British coins. We have added coins together to find a total amount and been to the café in school to practice choosing the correct coins to pay for a drink and a biscuit.

7HHLT Autumn 2

7HHLT were lucky enough to take part in the National Into Film Festival last week and had the opportunity to sample the luxurious ShowCase cinema in Southampton. We went to see Hotel Transylvania 3, ‘The Monster Cruise’ and the class were great ambassadors for Osborne school whilst on the trip. It was their first trip out as members of Osborne School and the pupils behaved impeccably. Back in class, we learned about film reviews and their purpose and wrote a review both of the film we saw and their favourite film ever. Some of the pupil comments after the trip are shown below.
Heidi Hack and Lucy Tabor (class teachers)

Finn wrote ‘the cinema was great but the film I don’t like. The cinema is great because you can sit in a comfy seat. The school trip was the most amazing thing ever. Thank you Heidi’
Jimmy wrote ‘I like the film because I also watched it with my family. I liked the bus with Heidi. I liked the cinema because it is big’
Kizzy wrote ‘we went to the cinema and got to sit down and relax. The film was really good and was funny. I like going on the bus with Lucy and Heidi’
Mikey wrote ‘the cinema was nice and the trip was good’

7HHLT Blog Autumn 1

Hello!  We are 7HHLT and are settling in well to our new school and coping with the challenges of moving on to our secondary phase of education.  This term we are exploring Money in Maths lessons, writing instructions in English, our senses in Science and getting to grips with all sorts of new and exciting subjects such as Where are we going, where do we come from (our Humanities based subject), Let’s get Creative, Sex and relationships education (parents will be receiving a letter about this shortly), Citizenship, RE, Mental Wealth and our fun Friday Options.

In English we all wrote a short piece introducing ourselves.

My name is Harry.  I like mint chocolate chip ice cream.  I am 11 years old.  I like my home, my room and my toys.

My name is Jimmy and I live at Alresford.  I like French fries and iPads and my family.  I like school.  I like x games and my pet hamster called Nibbles.

My name is Tyler and I am 11.  I enjoy playing on my PS4.  I have 2 brothers and theyre both older than me.  I also have two rabbits, a dog and a fish.  My favourite food is pasta and I also like pizza.  I’m happy to be at Osborne School I was a bit nervous before though.

My name is Stan and I’m writing this on my second day at my new school.  My last school is Shepherds Down Special School and I moved to Osborne school in 2018.  I felt nervous when I went to Osborne but not now.

Zac is my name and I am aged 11.  I like Frotnite, X-box, PS4, USA, Nikleodeon and more.  I like eating pizza and French fries cheeseburgers and I feel great at Osborne.

My name is Kizzy McMillan and today is my second day at Osborne.  I was a bit nervous but I think I am getting used to it.  I really like working around animals.  I have two dogs, three cats and a horse as well.  My horse is called Dorey.  I’m getting a bit big to ride her now but I do take her on walks a lot. My teachers are called Lucy and Heidi.

My name is Mikey and I’m 11 years old nearly 12 in 6 months.I like playing on my PS4 with my friend Tyler.  We sometimes play Fortnite my favourite game.  My favourite food is Lasagne and Burgers.  I like You Tube.

Hi I’m Sam and I like Fortnite, food, pets and I love my family and I also love consoles and fishing.  The things I hate are coconuts, roadblocks, the colour pink and being shouted at.

Hello I’m Finn and I like FIFA 18 on my Nintendo Switch.  My first school I went to is Kings Worthy but now I am at Osborne.  I live with my dog Sherlock and my cat Spike.  My class at Osborne is 7HHLT and that stands for Year 7 and that my teachers are Lucy Tabor and Heidi Hack.