Year 9


What we are learning this term in Year 9

English This term pupils will continue their learning on childhood experiences of war. This module will explore the texts ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’ and ‘The boy in the striped pyjamas’. As well as exploring the diary of Anne Frank. Pupils will continue to develop skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening during their literacy sessions.
English – Home learning opportunities Practice reading and spellings regularly. Develop functional reading skills: Looking at the TV guide, menus, shopping lists and road signs.


Maths We will continue to work on the four strands of maths; Number, Shape Space and Measure, Handling Data and Using and Applying.
Maths – Home learning opportunities Use and apply monetary skills when out in the community. Become more independent when using money to make purchases. Find and match objects on a shopping list and match prices.


Students can count and add objects in functional situations, for example laying a table or putting away clothes.

Science This half term pupils will be exploring different rock types. There will be opportunity for pupils to take part in experiments as well as develop their theoretical knowledge.
Science – Home learning opportunities Visit a local beach- explore different types of rocks, collect rocks when out visiting different places.
Computing In Year 9 pupils will be using the ‘Go Control’ software to solve computational problems.
Computing – Home learning opportunities Pupils can use a series of websites to enhance their skills at home.

and for e-safety for your young people you can find information HERE

Citizenship This half term pupils will be evaluating their summer fayre project. They will also be taking part in volunteer work around school and learning about how they can contribute to the wider community.
Citizenship – Home learning opportunities Help with jobs at home; washing up, cleaning and shopping.


Identify different charities and volunteers when out and about in the community.

PE Indoor: Racket Skills; Develop game play and skill selection linked with other sports. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop understanding of tactics. In addition pupils will have support from Tennis coaches from Riverpark Lesiure Centre linking with club on Thursday evenings


Outdoor: Athletics; Pupils will be focusing on jumping and throwing developing their understanding and recognising areas of improvement. Progress will be measured through some video analysis and peer assessment. Coaches from Winchester City Council will support these sessions

Food Technology Year 9s are working on the theme Celebration. We will look at foods suitable for different occasions. We will plan food for events that need catering for in the summer term, eg School Fayre, Sports Day, and the Summer Concert. We will cater for these events.


Food Technology – Home learning opportunities Plan foods that are suitable for occasions outside of school eg a wedding, a christening, a party, a BBQ. Have a go at making a selected item.
Others (Feel free to write other subjects in this box i.e. Maths, RE) LGC: Pupils will continue to explore natural and man-made forms, as well as focusing on famous art work by Macintosh, Morris and O’Keefe.



Welcome everyone to the Year 9 blog. Please keep checking back for more information and we will update you with news of our pupils.

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The Year 9 Team

Brenda Ralston (Head of Key Stage 3) and Charlotte McPherson


DATE 23/03/17

In “How Does it Work” we are making collages with different materials like magazines and tissue paper. We create them every Wednesday with Gillian. In English we have been continuing with our phonics and reading. We have Food Tech every Thursday and we are learning about pastry. We have been making different types of pastry; such as puff pastry, filo pastry and short crust pastry. On Fridays we have been doing athletics with two sports coaches. Lizzy and Tom teach us how to sprint, throw javelin, hammer and shot put. It is lots of fun. Army Day was awesome. We especially enjoyed the obstacle courses.

DATE: 10/10/16

Recently Osborne School took part in a whole school “Bake Off” in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. 9BR were very enthusiastic in their approach and a great deal of debate and discussions took place in advance. We watched some clips about the charity and the excellent work they do; then we watched a bit of the real “Bake Off” for inspiration. We went for a spiced apple cake and did some preparatory drawings for what we thought would be a good design. The class worked brilliantly as a team, helping each other and sharing skills and ideas.

The final creation had thick jam in the middle and sported a poppy seed infused icing with glace cherries on top. We didn’t win but had good fun making it (and tasting it after judging finished!). Paul Hollywood has competition!!!

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