Year 8

What we are learning this term in Year 8

English In English we are exploring the book ‘Holes’ by Louis Sachar. We will be meeting all the characters. We will be describing the characters and settings. We will be studying the story. We will be role-playing and creating our own Holes nicknames.

In literacy we will be visiting the school library, continuing with the dockside reading scheme, completing various activities related to our weekly spellings and some phonics based activities to enhance our reading and writing skills.

English – Home learning opportunities Research the author of Holes (Louis Sachar).

Create a fact file about the book, and the author.

Find out about the deserts of Texas, or other deserts in the world. What is the climate like? What wildlife is there?

Find another book in the library by the same author.

Continue to practice spellings.

Use the dockside online reading scheme, or read a book from the library.

Maths We continue to work on the four strands of maths and develop our skills in number, shape space and measure, handling data and using and applying.
Maths – Home learning opportunities Use MY Maths online;

User name: osborne

Password: square


Develop functional maths skills:

Practice identifying and using money when visiting the shops.

Pupils could explore time using the TV guide.

Count objects- setting the table, food shopping and sorting laundry.

Identify shape in everyday life.

Science Our Year 8 pupils are particularly enjoying the Sound topic as it gives them the opportunity to make a noise! It also introduces concepts of energy and particles and looks at the structure of the ear. In the second half term we will be doing some chemistry and looking at the topic of Acids and Alkalis. This includes opportunities to carry out experiments and develop skills in working scientifically.
Science – Home learning opportunities Explore some of the BBC website materials on sound. There are lots of great clips which show how vibrations create sound.


Use different household objects to create different sounds.


Go out for a walk and record different sounds you hear around the environment.

Computing In computing in Year 8 we are learning about the internal and external parts of a computing system. We are also learning about the problems and solutions ICT can bring to our everyday lives.
Computing – Home learning opportunities Pupils can use a series of websites to enhance their skills at home.

and for e-safety for your young people you can find information HERE

Mental Wealth Students will focus on developing skills and strategies to manage their own Mental Wealth and develop their ability to accept help to support their Mental Wealth. This may include lessons focusing on Mindfulness, Yoga stretches, meditation and sensory input, discussions about feelings and emotions and recognising how to managed and/or accept these.
Mental Wealth – Home learning opportunities Practice mindfulness techniques, follow YouTube videos – mindfulness and meditation for children.

Breathing techniques, calming activities, use of sensory items.

Ideas can be found at :


Citizenship We will be learning about rules and why they are important.

We will be looking at the law and how this works in the UK. We will be exploring age restrictions.

We will be considering why we need law and rules and coming up with some of our own.


We will be playing different games and following sets of rules to understand why this is important.


We will be taking turns and practising waiting as these are rules we need to follow sometimes.

Citizenship – Home learning opportunities What rules do you have to follow at home?

Create a new rule at home with a reward chart which identifies when you have followed that rule.

Are the rules the same in each country? Do some research about what laws are like in a different country.


PE Indoor: Gymnastics; Pupils will develop their control and balance through a variety of floor and movement activities. During lessons pupils will have the opportunity to develop previous knowledge as well as investigate the importance of balance in all sport and physical activity

Outdoor: Invasion Games: Focus on the skills to work in a team developing individual skills as well as applying them in small conditioned activities or games. Activities will include football, rugby, basketball and netball for this term. There will be an increased focus on skills under pressure using time, space, people of game play

PE – Home learning opportunities Improve physical activity at home taking in part in recreational and organised sport
Food Technology In year 8 we will be learning about food for the elderly. We will be planning and making food that is suitable looking at the texture and the importance of a healthy diet. We will be making dishes like sausages and mash, chicken casserole and fish and chips.
Food Technology – Home learning opportunities Find out about The Meals On wheels service. What types of meals do they deliver?
HDIW Marbles and Mazes

We are really enjoying watching different types of marble runs to get ideas to create our own!

We are practising with different materials to see which materials are good for marbles to run on.

We are creating and making our own marble runs, using timers to see how long they take to run.

HDIW – Home learning opportunities Practise making marble runs and mazes shapes and sizes. What’s the furthest you can make a marble go?

Design a maze and make one from recycled materials.

LGC Under the Sea

We will be learning about creatures that live in the sea.

We are creating a range of sculptures using different materials to the theme under the sea.

These will include collage, painting, modelling, paper mache and printing

LGC – Home learning opportunities Watch ‘Blue Planet’ and look at the range of animals and creatures who live under the sea.

Research using non-fiction books about the sea.


We will be learning about map symbols and what they represent. We will be matching symbols to real places. We will be learning to read simple maps using grid references.

We will be finding features on local maps- identifying what they are using a key.

WGWCF – Home learning opportunities Explore different maps, visit places of interest that have maps to look at. Pick up leaflets and see if they have a map on to follow.

If you are in a supermarket or shopping centre locate the map, comment on how the aisles are different and signs and symbols show you where things are.

Where is your favourite place to visit?

Does it have a map?

RE Worship

Our theme is worship. We are exploring our own experiences of worship and the experiences of those around us.

We will be looking at worship in the context of the Sikh religion.

8CM Spring 1 Blog- In ‘How Does it Work’ we have been learning all about Marble Runs! We have really enjoyed exploring different marble runs and using equipment to create marble routes. As part of our research we have also watched some epic marble runs as part of ‘marble run jukebox’ where we watch a marble run and say whether we liked it or not. There are not many that we don’t like! Our favourite is one which goes underwater!

8GJ Spring Term – Class Blog

“This Spring Term in Literacy we are reading a book called “A Glimmer in Time”. So far the story has a good start. I’m very excited about reading it again.” – Lewis

“In English we are reading the book “Holes”. I am enjoying it because it is interesting. In Science we are learning about sound and how it travels through the air – James

“I like communication with Emma. We talk about feelings and it helps me to chill-out and calm myself.” – Libby

“In PE this term we are doing gymnastics. I like doing PE in the Hall. In ICT we are learning about viruses. We have learned how viruses affect your computer and how to remove a virus. To finish the lesson we had to draw a virus attacking a computer and put it in a PowerPoint.” – Lauren

“I like HDIW because we are learning how to make marble runs. If you don’t like marble run then you are no friend to me!” – Xander

15/01/17 8HC Let’s get Creative
This term, 8HC have been exploring ‘The Sea’ in Let’s Get Creative. We have watched some magical sea videos and have studied tropical fish in an interactive aquarium. We have now moved on to creating our art work, using all the inspirational images that we have seen in our research.
We used wax relief techniques to create a wave effect on the paper. Wax crayons created ripples. and water colours added a whimsical water feel to our art work.
The students then added cut out sea creatures, decorated with wax crayons, to create our sea scape scenes.

22/12/17 8CM Christmas Tree and Christmas dinner!

In 8CM we all really enjoyed having our Christmas dinner in the hall. It was delicious. We had great fun sitting together, pulling crackers and wearing Christmas hats. Every year at Osborne we take part in the ‘Lyn Edwards Christmas Tree Competition’ This year 8CM designed ‘Elf and Safetree’ incorporating some of the safety signs we had learnt about in ‘Where are we going where do we come from.’ We worked really well as a team to decorate our tree. We were really pleased with all the paper chains. Lee made a pictello on his IPAD to explain to the judges how we designed the tree. We think you’ll agree it looks great! Well done to Gabs, Leo and Cam who were awarded gold discs in celebration assembly.

8ET Class Blog 1/12/17
In preparation for Christmas 8ET made their Christingles.  We had a lot of fun completing them!  Everybody worked hard to complete their own and did it with very little help.  Putting on the sweets were tricky for some but Ryan was pleased that he did it without any help at all.  Well done all!

17/11/17 8CM RE

In RE we are learning about remembering and waiting. We have been looking at Advent. This week we followed instructions to create Christingles. Gabs, Dillon and Olivia worked independently to follow instructions to create their Christingles. Cam worked really well with some staff support. Lee, Leo, Ruby and Kasandra worked in a group, taking turns to complete different parts. Kasandra and Lee loved pulling the tape. The class were all very pleased with the results. Well done 8CM.

06/11/17 Lets Get Creative
In 8HC we have been exploring ‘pattern’ in our Let’s Get Creative lessons. We have been working on an artist study of William Morris and have enjoyed examining his pattern work, replicating his prints and creating some of our own.
We have been looking carefully at nature and natural objects and how we can use these to create pattern. In one of our favourite lessons, we used silk flowers to make William Morris style prints in bold colours.
The students absolutely loved this task, some of them got particularly creative, using two tone paint effects on the flowers and overlapping different flower shapes to create a more textured piece of art work.
We have used our prints as inspiration for some clay tiles, where we will be printing onto clay using leaves, flowers and grasses in the style of William Morris.

04/11/17- Shakespeare Week

8CM really enjoyed exploring Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ this week for Shakespeare School’s week. All our learning has been based around the play. We learned about the characters, the setting and the themes. We  created our own Islands, followed instructions to create origami boats, and made our own monsters using features and shapes. In science we loved making shaving foam rain clouds and watching them rain.

The students absolutely loved it. We also enjoyed listening to the Tempest rap and creating a sensory storm.

Excellent work all round 8CM.

6/10/17- Science

In science this half term, 8HC have enjoyed investigating chemical reactions. We particularly enjoyed learning about bubbles, exploring different types of bubble machines and wands, making our own bubble wands to investigate whether we could change the shape of a bubble (it turns out you cant!) and creating the BEST bubble solution – adding sugar to washing up liquid and water. We also thoroughly enjoyed our investigation into whether you could blow a bubble inside a bubble, using straws to create bubble domes. Gemma managed to blow 5 bubbles inside another bubble. Very impressive!
Although we have got a bit wet and very soapy, we have enjoyed this unit immensely. We are looking forward to our next investigation even more…’why does popcorn change shape’!

5/10/17- Science

In science 8CM have been exploring different changes. We made popcorn and observed how the heat changed the corn (we LOVED watching the slow motion video clip). We melted ice and chocolate and observed how they changed. Our favourite experiment was looking at how lemon juice changed the colour of cabbage dye. We didn’t enjoy the smell of the cabbage dye but we enjoyed tasting the lemon! The lemon juice created a tye dye effect on the cabbage cloth and it was fun watching how it changed colour to bright pink!


Year 7    2016-2017

10/07/17- A visit from Zoo Lab

On Monday as part of WGWCF, the whole of year 7 had a visit from Zoo lab. They bought some animals in for the  students to meet.

We met Alan the snail, Stanley the millipede, Milly the tarantula, Ruby the corn snake, Ernie the gerbil and Henry the tortoise.

The students listened really well and asked lots of questions. Some students touched and  held the animals whilst others said hello.

Here are some things 7CM found out…

  • A millipede has 268 legs.
  • Snakes feel very soft.
  • Snails have a slimy foot so they can stick to surfaces and climb walls.
  • Tortoises hide in their shell if they are scared as their skin is really stretchy (Henry didn’t hide from year 7!)


14/6/17- Marwell Zoo

On Wednesday 14th May students in year 7 went on a Rotary Club Kid’s Day Out to Marwell Zoo. The students had a wonderful time in the sunshine, exploring the zoo and seeing lots of animals. We went around the zoo in groups, meeting up to have packed lunch together. We had an ice cream when we got back to school. It was a great day out. The monkeys were funny and we enjoyed seeing the meercats sunbathing!


16/05/17 On Thursday IPAD Jo came to 7CM.  Jo bought the IPADS and we discovered an app where you can draw a picture and then play it. Your picture plays music! Claire drew a picture of Brandon wearing purple glasses. We enjoyed making patterns.

Dillon and Brandon Petford.

05/05/17   Ipad project

On Thursday 7Cm starting taking part in an IPAD project, using IPADS to make music. The first app we used was called Toka band. You can put characters into different positions. They play different instruments and make different sounds. We had a lot of fun!

Cameron ‘ I liked the spooky cat’

Brandon ‘ I liked the opera singer, you could play her jumper!’

Gabs ‘I like the alarm clock, it sounds like a cooking timer.’

Leo ‘ I like the rapper.’



Today Gabs, Leo, Cameron, Ruby and Callum went on a trip to Holden farm. We had a great day experiencing life on a working farm. Our day started with grinding our own flour and making bread which we later took home to sample. We fed and stroked the chickens, we saw sheep, we made our own little sheep by wrapping wool and this was all before lunch! After lunch we watched a digger dance, followed a tractor trail through the warm grass and went on a lovely sensory walk to find wild garlic. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed experiencing a new environment.


Osborne are currently taking part in the Golden Mile initiative. The students walk, run or drive around  a 250m lap and then log the number of laps they do. All the students are really enthusiastic about it and are eager to log their laps and see how far they have traveled.

Here are 7CM in action!



7CM really enjoyed all of the World Book Day activites with this year’s theme ‘Do Something Booky.’ We all visited the Book Swap, run by Osborne College, swapping our books for new ones. We loved interacting with the sensory stories in the Bag Books workshop too. It was a lot of fun!

dsc_0271 dsc_0327 dsc_0336 dsc_0352


7HC thoroughly enjoyed taking part in World Book Day events today.
Highlights included participating in a Shakespearean workshop run by a professional Actor, where the students created freeze frames to depict different scenes in Romeo and Juliet. We discussed events in our favourite books and made freeze frames of some of these. We enjoyed creating a Jungle Book scene with the students becoming different animals.
We also enjoyed getting some new books at the Book Swap and sharing them with each other.
Finally we used potatoes and made characters using different craft materials. We created pigs, bees, a tractor  and  even sweetcorn!!

img_3324 img_3325 img_3330 img_3334 img_3336 img_3338 img_3339 img_3341 img_3342 img_3346 img_3347


As part of our How Does It Work sessions, 7HC have been making cushion covers.

We designed our lettering and chose patterned material to compliment our background colour. We then learnt how to sew by hand using a running stitch.

After this, the students had a go with the sewing machine, using different types of stitches and practicing sewing in a straight line. Once they had mastered this, we sewed together our cushion covers and appliqued the letter designs.

I am sure you agree they look fantastic!

img_3068 img_3071 img_3072 img_3074 img_3076 img_3078 img_3079 img_3081



In Science we have been learning about light. Today in 7CM we explored reflection. We used mirrors to reflect pictures we had drawn. Some students worked out that we had to write our names backwards in order to see them written correctly when reflected. We also made arrows which, when reflected, appeared to get longer as the mirror moved. We had a lot of fun exploring reflection.








DATE: 6/10/16


We entered a scarecrow competition as part of the Harvest Festival at Winchester Cathedral and we won!

The pupils worked collaboratively together to make their scarecrow and bird using recyclable resources. Mary and Paul (as voted for by our pupils) were created through several curriculum subjects that incorporated collecting and sorting through different recyclable man-made materials, identifying different 3D shapes, whilst having ample opportunities to work together to develop their problem solving skills.

The pupils learnt the concept of recycling/reusing materials and how their rubbish at home can come in very handy.

The pupils were very proud of their scarecrow and bird. Throughout the project they worked hard, listened to each others ideas and were delighted at their end result.

DATE: 21/9/16

In Year 7 music, we are learning all about Samba! We watched and listened to a Brazilian carnival, indentifying sounds and instruments. It was really colourful and very noisy! Kasandra liked the sound of the whistle. We have been playing lots of Samba instruments like the Surdo drums, Caixa shakers, the Ganza and the Agogo bells. Each instrument has it’s own rhythm. We have had a go on all the different instruments and now we are going to create our own Samba piece. We always start our piece by saying ‘Are you ready to Samba!’  It can be quite tricky to keep all the different ryhthms going. Dillon’s favourite is the Agogo bells and Lee likes the Surdo drum. Gabs enjoys using a beater on the Caixa drum whilst Leo enjoyed shaking the Ganza. Cameron enjoys helping everyone set up their instruments, he keeps the heart beat of the piece really well. Kasandra enjoys the different beats. Brandon is really good at chanting the rhythms and remebering all the instruments names. It’s a lot of fun and very energetic!

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