Army School of Education Visit

“Problem Solving and Team Building Day”

On Tuesday 1st March 2016 – Soldiers from the Army School of Education, Worthy Down Barracks, visited the school to deliver their annual “Problem Solving and Team Building Task” day. All of the Soldiers are working towards becoming senior officers at the Sandhurst Academy and the Army use the day to take them out of their comfort zone and also to look at their leadership and communication skills in unfamiliar situations.

The soldiers put on a number of different activities which involved solving problems, working as a team and communication. All classes across school took part in the day and the different activities. There was an assault course, 2 problem solving activities (‘Protect the Egg and ‘Follow the Rope’) and a ‘Drill’ session out on the hard court – Marching in time, standing at ease, saluting ‘Attention’ and in some cases even the pupils leading the soldiers themselves.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day for all the Soldiers and the pupils and staff. The Army Days have become a positive part of our yearly curriculum now as they have a real positive impact on all parties involved.

Mr. Marc Bernard

Deputy Head teacher
Director of Teaching and Learning


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