Rock Challenge 2017

On Tuesday, Osborne School competed for the first time in UK Rock Challenge at the O2 Guildhall in Southampton.

It was an absolutely amazing day, beginning with a fun production meeting which involved lots of dancing and singing with the other schools, watching the other schools rehearse, rehearsing our own show and finally performing and the awards ceremony. We all loved it!

We began preparing for the show 7 weeks ago in our options sessions. The students worked tirelessly to devise choreography, rehearse the show and perfect the performance. We enjoyed the whole process, especially choosing our music, which was expertly mixed by Mr D, designing the lights which were coordinated by Katie Hamilton and learning and creating the routine with Charlotte and Hannah.

We complimented our performance with beautiful scenery boards made by Steve and Martin which added extra magic to our show and beautiful costume and face paint, coordinated by Sarah Criddle.

The performance went without a hitch, the students were the most focused we have ever seen. Special mention must go to Ella Usher, Libby Chick and Tyler Morgan for their exceptional support of other students, Ruby Aubrey for bringing so much joy to our day with her unfaltering enthusiasm and Ella Parker and Liam Chandler for their incredible lead performance. The judges said our piece was very focused, had a clear concept and fitted expertly to the music.

The students were such a credit to the school throughout the day, so much so that we won the over all Spirit of Rock Challenge award, as voted for by all the other schools. We also won two awards, one for ‘Excellence in Drama’ and another for ‘Excellence in Concept’ both of which we were so grateful for.


img_0204Thank you to all the staff for their incredible hard work throughout the day and the process and to the students for being such professionals and ambassadors for our school.
We can’t wait to win it next year… watch this space!

Charlotte McPherson and Hannah Corrall
Rock Challenge liaison teachers 2017

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