Rubik’s Cube @ Winchestival 2019

On Saturday Osborne School’s school band Rubik’s Cube endured rain, more rain and a slight delay due to a power failure to play the main stage at this year’s Winchestival! The Winchestival team were battling the elements to get us onstage and worked flat out as Rubik’s Cube waited patiently backstage. When Rubik’s Cube performed the stage became alive and the rain even stopped! There were people dancing, singing and Rubik’s played one of the best shows of the year! Some excellent singing, dancing, signing, dabbing and solos were enjoyed by all. A big thank you to Adam for helping out and his excellent enthusiasm. Tom Vamos (Aimee’s Dad) joined us onstage too, Tom has now joined the Rubik’s Cube roadie crew.

Photos were taken by Mr Gough who kindly took the camera and got these fantastic shots. Another big thank you to all the families who supported us at Winchestival (and to Jenna’s Mum for lending me the umbrella for a short while!). Our final thank you is of course to Gary and all at Winchestival. An incredible event organised by real music lovers who care passionately about equality and inclusion.

Ben Dlugokecki, Musical director of Rubik’s Cube

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